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Climate change and sustainability 2010

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Award level
Legal Response InitiativeStand-outSetting up the Legal Response Initiative88723A team of more than 150 lawyers provided advice to Oxfam, the WWF and other non-governmental organisations during the Copenhagen climate change summit and beyond
Norton Rose FulbrightStand-outUK offshore wind farms: advising the Crown Estate77721The firm’s role went beyond strict legal advice as a key voice in developing the world’s biggest renewable energy project, which is expected to produce 30,000MW of green power by 2020
EvershedsStand-outRenewing Cornwall78621The secondment of a partner to Cornwall Council has established an ambitious climate-change programme, including fleets of electric cars for staff and energy self-sufficiency by 2025
Simmons & SimmonsStand-outCarbon Leapfrog77620Partner Steven McNab plays a key role in a charity that unites multidisciplinary skills to advise relevant sustainability projects on a pro bono basis
LinklatersStand-outDeveloping a climate risk tool for HSBC and Railpen76720The tool has enabled asset owners to assess the impact of climate change on their long-term investments
De Brauw Blackstone WestbroekStand-outFirst model agreement for green investment schemes77620Developed a manual to operate as a non-compulsory platinum standard, ensuring revenues from the sale of carbon credits are used on sustainable projects
Herbert SmithHighly commendedEnabling the decommissioning of future UK nuclear generators76619A clever approach to tax and funds law that will give clients Centrica and EDF an edge in their bid to build the UK’s nuclear capacity
EvershedsHighly commendedUK offshore wind farms: advising a bid consortium66719Helped reconcile the multiple interests of the bid consortium members with those of the Crown Estate on a groundbreaking renewable-energy deal
Herbert SmithHighly commendedFurthering the agenda of sustainability in the built environment57618Took on a leadership role in developing groundbreaking equity and debt finance solutions, including solar projects in developing economies such as India
De Brauw Blackstone WestbroekHighly commendedThe Luz Verde programme: distribution of 30m light bulbs in Mexico67518The debt finance structure developed by the firm enabled the project to be completed in time to be used at Copenhagen as an example of a successful clean development mechanism scheme
Burges SalmonHighly commendedPay As You Save scheme67518By designing a mechanism to spread the cost of refurbishing a property over a number of years and successive owners, the firm has facilitated the “greening” of UK homes
Anderson StrathernHighly commendedPentland Firth and Orkney Waters wave and tidal development66618Worked to complete the world’s first renewable marine energy-generation development agreements with the Crown Estate
Clifford ChanceCommendedWind power project in Cape Verde66517Power purchase and government support agreements transformed a poor net importer of expensive dirty energy into an exporter of renewable energy
Clifford ChanceCommendedMaking carbon markets work66517Packaged environmental assets in new ways to create a more liquid market in carbon. Investors see the firm as a pioneer in the boardroom
CMS Cameron McKennaCommendedUK carbon capture and storage (CCS) pilot demonstration66517Working for National Grid Carbon, the firm helped shape the emerging CCS market in the UK. It created confidence in the new field by drawing parallels with existing industries
Wragge & CoCommendedUsing public land to generate sustainable energy56516Helped Partnerships for Renewables create a flexible framework to develop public land for sustainable energy generation
Uría MenéndezCommendedBiodiversity and landscape legislation for a Spanish national park65516By drafting legislation to give concrete protection to the landscape and traditions of the autonomous Asturias region, the firm is developing the basis for a new sustainable economy for the region
Tuca Zbarcea & AsociatiiCommendedLegal incentive scheme for renewables57416Taking an active role in proposing and drafting amendments to a law intended to encourage alternative energy production
Portolano Cavallo Studio LegaleCommendedNovel approach to land acquisition for Italian renewables projects65516Devised a template for securing an option on land in Italy. This significantly speeds up the process of launching sustainable energy projects and has increased confidence among developers
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerCommendedSustainability code for the German property industry56516Working with a German property federation and leading scientists, the firm helped balance environmental and commercial principles.
Addleshaw GoddardCommendedCarbon Connect56516Created a bridge between parliament, business and the public sector to promote smart policy in various areas, including sustainability
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