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Award level
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves PereiraStand-outCreating a market for Spanish distressed debt87722Using a suite of marketing and educational techniques to aid the institutions, the firm created a slew of deals and capitalised on a first- mover advantage, effectively making a market for Spanish distressed debt in the UK.
LinklatersStand-outDramatising risk with a multimedia approach77721Secured an interview with Keith Packer, a former BA executive jailed in the US for anti-competitive practices, to create a training tool to convey the importance of compliance for top executives. Praised by clients as unusually effective.
Simmons & SimmonsStand-out“Cleantech Curve”77721A product designed to help start-up companies in the cleantech sector to become viable entities. Sold for a fixed cost, the product packages the firm's know-how into a step-by-step approach to save clients thousands of pounds in legal fees.
EvershedsStand-outVital statistics for general counsel78520Runs workshops to equip in-house lawyers with the ability to use statistics and financial data to demonstrate the value of their departments to their boards and better manage external legal spending.
Portolano Cavallo Studio LegaleStand-outAdvertising-risk “traffic light”77620Created a tool to advise the advertising industry. Specialist approach to risk in advertising enables a rapid response for agency clients on tight timelines.
Allen & OveryHighly Commended“GlobalView” tool77519A step change in law firm products, the tool gives clients a picture of changes in global regulation and is equally about its form as its content. Largely targeted at the big banks, the key is its visual, rather than linguistic format.
LinklatersHighly CommendedHSBC information- adviser secondment66719Seconded a full-time information adviser to the bank to create a risk analysis system for its capital markets team. Indicative of a new wave of highly collaborative and standardised client services.
Allen & OveryHighly CommendedGlobal Law Intelligence Unit67518A legal think-tank designed to produce accessible global comparative legal analysis for clients.
Dundas & WilsonHighly CommendedLegal project management tool66618Real-time updates on legal matters. Enables clients to see trends and issues in high-volume legal work. Clients praised the intuitive interface for increasing flexibility and usability compared with similar products.
Freshfields Bruckhaus DeringerHighly CommendedCrisis-management initiative67518Clients attest to the unusually joined-up nature of the firm’s crisis-management expertise, which gives them a head-start in understanding the multilateral legal, media and political issues involved in crisis situations.
Simmons & SimmonsHighly CommendedOnline “Key Investor Information Document” (KIID) generator66618With Morningstar, the firm will provide a service to automate the production of KIID documents, which are now mandatory for all cross-border fund products.
Kromann ReumertCommendedChina network66517The firm developed a forum for Danish companies to meet and discuss Chinese business opportunities and share know-how.
Baker McKenzieCommendedGlobal emerging- markets team56516The team looks for opportunities for clients, and assists their businesses with local legal know-how. Covers more than 100 emerging-market jurisdictions.
CMS Cameron McKennaCommended“Reflect”65516Co-ordinated added-value services delivered through a toolkit designed to prepare partners for client meetings. Enables relationship partner to act as more of a gatekeeper to the whole firm.
DLA PiperCommendedPPP network65516Created a platform enabling clients to share information and best practice on private-public partnerships.
Hogan LovellsCommendedCo-ordinating client response to planning law changes66416Grouped key clients and lobbied the UK government on planning-regime reforms. This led to the publication of a select-committee report critical of government’s agenda in planning.
Lawrence GrahamCommendedFamily Business Advisory Group66416The group fosters relationships with wealthy individuals and gives advice on governance and succession planning for family-dominated companies in the Middle East.
PLMJCommendedPartnering with Tempus on community projects in Portugal56516In a relationship that has spanned a decade, the firm has been consistent in adding value to make projects happen.
Wolf TheissCommended“The Power of Relationships”56516A programme to inspire the firm’s younger lawyers in central and eastern Europe to be better commercial advisers to business.
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