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Bribery and Corruption 2011

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Award level
Berwin Leighton PaisnerStand-outHelping to shape UK Bribery Act guidance67821Championed clients’ concerns and proposed the wording for a risk-based and proportionate approach now included in the amended Bribery Act guidance.
Simmons & SimmonsStand-outHelping to shape UK Bribery Act guidance67821In discussions with the Ministry of Justice, the firm represented industry groups to propose key amendments to the Bribery Act guidance, which gives business workable procedures to prevent bribery and corruption.
LinklatersHighly CommendedBAE Systems settlement with the US Department of Justice67720Primary adviser for the US side of the settlement, which ended a long-standing investigation. Lawyers helped achieve a settlement that did not include a corruption charge.
Wragge & CoHighly CommendedConstruction- industry cartel case68620In part of the largest-to-date investigation by the UK Office of Fair Trading, Wragge advised Thomas Vale Construction through an initial dawn raid to a successful challenge before the tribunal. The firm also undertook the advocacy and saw the fine reduced from £2m (€2.3m) to £171,000.
Peters & PetersHighly CommendedAnticipating the new legislation67619Through longstanding involvement in anti-bribery issues, the firm has helped shape anti-bribery legislation in the UK, and wrote the first guide to the legislation.
Field Fisher WaterhouseCommended“Integrity compliance” solution67518The service combines legal advice with input from accountants, investigators and bespoke training.
Lawrence GrahamCommendedFixed-fee advice to the mid-cap market66618A focused anti-corruption compliance programme for the UK mid-cap and Alternative Investment Market. To accommodate the different risk challenges faced by these clients, the firm lobbied in favour of a principle of proportionality, which was included in the Bribery Act guidance.
Morais Leitão, Galvão Teles, Soares da Silva & AssociadosCommendedAdvocating a preventative approach to corruption in Portugal57618Promoting a change in thinking by bringing prevention of corruption to the agenda of corporate entities, and establishing a corporate defence based on having adequate procedures in place.
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves PereiraCommendedCriminal corporate compliance system56617Responding to changes to the Spanish penal code, the firm has worked with clients to implement robust risk frameworks. Lawyers played a central role in defining the businesses’ internal roles and responsibilities to manage risk.
GarriguesCommendedCrime prevention programme in response to amendments to the Spanish penal code56617Programme ensures control measures to mitigate legal risk of a prosecution and, importantly, to minimise reputational risk. Includes organisational models and continuing improvement tools.
Jones DayCommendedClient-led “integrity management” workshops56516Joined forces with Control Risks, a leading risk management firm, to provide scenario-based training. Clients found the combination of legal input and highly practical risk management advice valuable.
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