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Brand identity
Mishcon de ReyaUK mid-marketIt's business. But it’s personal557623
EvershedsLarge international firmsA progressive, international law firm437822
Wolf TheissContinental EuropeIndependent spirit338721
NabarroUK mid-marketClarity matters447621
GarriguesContinental EuropeThe modern Spanish firm436821
McGrigorsUK mid-marketDriven by business, powered by people356620
Clifford ChanceLarge international firmsLeading international law firm346720
Baker McKenzieLarge international firmsFluency446620
Allen & OveryLarge international firmsA&O does not favour slogans. (Its annual review is entitled “Advanced thinking for global challenges”)336820
Tuca Zbarcea & AsociatiiContinental EuropeAmbitious, enthusiastic and, above all, loyal346619
ShoosmithsAlternative legal providersEnhancing our clients’ lives through the law447419
Cuatrecasas, Gonçalves PereiraContinental EuropeThe trans-Iberian firm446519
AxiomAlternative legal providersLaw redefined447419
AshurstLarge international firmsSeeing the world through our clients’ eyes436619
Uría MenéndezContinental EuropeTrue to our values245718
SchönherrContinental EuropeLegal pioneers in central Europe337518
Portolano Cavallo Studio LegaleTechnology, media and telecomsThe go-to law firm in the media space435618
NCTM Studio Legale AssociatoContinental EuropeLightness, quickness, exactitude, multiplicity336618
OlswangTechnology, media and telecomsSubstance, with style426517
Simmons & SimmonsLarge international firmsComplex challenges and collaborative relationships433616
CMSLarge international firmsDistinctively European335516
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