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Firm Name
Chartered by CII or Accredited by CISI
# of CF30s, as at Dec 31 2019
Net sales, year to June 30 2020 (rounded)
AUM, year to June 30 (rounded)
2Bartlett Wealth ManagementFirmYes830m240m
3FB Wealth ManagementGroupNo1152m310m
4Pharon Independent Financial AdvisersFirmYes770m380m
5Mazars Financial PlanningFirmYes2593m1,200m
7Skerritt ConsultantsFirmYes1364m380m
8Attivo GroupGroupYes45130m550m
9Punter SouthallGroupYes125310m2,500m
10Beckett Financial ServicesFirmYes1294m610m
11Premier Wealth PlanningFirmYes1895m500m
13JLT GroupGroupYes66350m1,500m
14Lycetts Financial ServicesFirmYes1018m220m
15Marsh CommercialGroupYes245610m4,400m
16Smith & PinchingFirmYes2043m660m
17Handelsbanken Wealth ManagementFirmNo4963m260m
18Advanta WealthFirmYes1544m370m
19Paradigm NortonFirmYes2373m260m
20Natwest GroupGroupNo0540m3,100m
21Johnston Carmichael WealthFirmYes1729m450m
23Wingate GroupGroupYes1231m350m
24HFMC WealthGroupYes6448m290m
25PI FinancialNetworkNo52100m470m
26Schofield MoneyFirmYes630m210m
27Greaves West & AyreFirmNo721m210m
28Lovewell Blake Financial PlanningFirmNo728m270m
31Hoyl GroupGroupNo48100m630m
32St James's Place Wealth ManagementNetworkNo2,1319,000m120,000m
34Chase de VereGroupNo208450m5,300m
35IFT Wealth ManagementFirmYes39m33m
36Ellis BatesGroupNo5254m170m
37McHardy FinancialFirmYes1524m340m
38Argyle ConsultingFirmYes1254m420m
39Cullen WealthFirmYes2267m670m
40Hazlewoods Financial PlanningFirmNo526m300m
41Westminster Wealth ManagementFirmYes084m410m
42Origen Financial ServicesFirmNo54250m1,300m
43OpenworkGroup of NetworksNo1,000800m10,000m
44Wills & Trusts IFPFirmYes1012m93m
45Lomond Financial ManagementNetworkYes622m180m
46Tavistock GroupGroupNo184170m1,500m
47Kerr HendersonGroupNo1677m580m
48Pareto Financial PlanningFirmNo1765m270m
49Joseph R Lamb Independent Financial AdvisersFirmNo845m310m
50Canter HollandFirmYes923m150m
51Martin Aitken Financial ServicesFirmYes56m210m
52WPS AdvisoryFirmNo33220m430m
53TenetGroup of NetworksNo260450m5,200m
54Broadstone GroupGroupNo30£61m£370m
56Wren Sterling Financial PlanningFirmNo73110m910m
57Charles StanleyFirmNo25151m930m
58Chadney BulginFirmYes2124m620m
59Mutual Financial ManagementFirmNo948m51m
60PK Financial PlanningFirmNo1127m250m
61InPartnershipGroup of NetworksNo302290m2,900m
62TSP WealthFirmNo236m130m
63Atkins Ferrie Wealth ManagementFirmNo729m130m
64Clark GilloneFirmNo1151m490m
65Francis Clark Financial PlanningFirmYes034m420m
66True PotentialGroupNo60179m1,200m
67CRS ConsultantsFirmNo419m140m
68A & J Wealth ManagementFirmNo843m340m
69Foster DenovoGroupNo72220m1,700m
70Gale & PhillipsonGroupNo3668m740m
71Edison Wealth ManagementFirmNo547m77m
72Portfolio Financial ConsultancyFirmNo616m180m
73Brooks MacdonaldGroupYes8025m450m
74Smith & Williamson GroupGroupNo515290m7,800m
75Sense NetworkNetworkNo177200m2,400m
76Pannells Financial PlanningFirmNo2451m540m
77Progeny WealthFirmNo2970m1,100m
78Best Practice IFA GroupGroupYes72110m2,700m
79SanlamGroup of NetworksNo274110m2,300m
80Skipton GroupGroupNo93130m5,500m
81James Brearley & SonsFirmNo1220m560m
82Douglas Steers & CoFirmNo216m100m
83KMG IndependentFirmYes935m360m
84Lifetime Financial ManagementGroupNo189m33m
85Ludlow Wealth ManagementFirmNo1392m1,200m
86Perry Financial ManagementFirmNo15m19m
87Joslin Rhodes Lifestyle Financial PlanningFirmNo912m43m
88Beaufort Financial PlanningNetworkNo4752m800m
89HFS Milbourne FinancialGroupNo1031m400m
90Timothy James & PartnersFirmNo1754m630m
91ASC Financial SolutionsFirmNo216m93m
92Reeves IndependentFirmNo019m38m
93Loveday & PartnersFirmNo1539m450m
94Close Brothers Asset ManagementFirmNo164150m1,900m
95Lumin Wealth ManagementFirmYes924m390m
96FM IFAFirmNo524m190m
97Unbiased Financial GroupFirmNo78m53m
98LGT VestraFirmNo12840m460m
99Lathe & CoFirmNo6150m220m
100Canaccord GenuityGroupNo204200m880m
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Table notesThe list includes only firms whose primary business (i.e. majority of sales) is classified by Matrix Solutions as financial advisers, wealth management or banking. Individual firms that are affiliated with a wider group are included within the figures for the wider group and appointed representatives are included within the figures for their principal, regardless of whether they could appear individually. The figures for the list have been rounded up and include assets invested in retail investments and pensions, reported to Matrix Solutions by our Financial Clarity partners, other assets, such as those invested in discretionary funds or portfolios, hedge funds etc. are not included. Matrix Solutions receives data directly from fund managers covering 90 per cent of the UK retail investment market into their Financial Clarity product. Fund manager data is further supplemented and enhanced with platform feeds. The top 25 fund managers account for 80 per cent of retail assets under management and Matrix Solutions received sales data from 22 of these investment houses. Sixteen platforms submit data to Matrix Solutions, including 15 at fund and intermediary level. High platform coverage provides visibility of platform sales from fund managers not currently contributing directly to Financial Clarity. CF30 numbers may include qualified staff who are actively advising customers. Certain firms no longer have CF30s registered against them following a change in the regulatory regime in March 2016. Matrix is an ISS Market Intelligence company.

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