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Gross sales of retail investments and pensions, July 2018 to June 2019 (£m)
Gross sales of retail investments and pensions, July 2017 to June 2018 (£m)
Net sales of retail investments and pensions, July 2018 to June 2019 (£m)
Net sales of retail investments and pensions, July 2017 to June 2018 (£m)
Assets under management in retail investment funds 2019 (£m)
Assets under management in retail investment funds 2018 (£m)
16Quilter25 or more10,00011,0002,8003,90037,00031,000
237Close Brothers Asset Management25 or more340260150110570430
326Grant Thornton Group25 or more2402101401401,1001,200
45Wilfred T Fry (Personal Fin Plan)14 to 242402303169810260
53Mazars Financial Planning14 to 245504701501701100940
6N/ACharles Stanley25 or more2508807021100690
7N/AProgeny Wealth25 or more3509217045800280
820St James's Place Wealth Management25 or more15,00016,0009,50010,000110,00097,000
91Tenet25 or more1,7002,1005201,2005,8004,400
1041LEBC Group Ltd25 or more5604303903401,600860
1170Openwork25 or more2,7002,6008108709,8006,500
12N/ABartlett Wealth Management07 to 13150942035230160
13N/AHazlewoods Financial Planning0 to 6150983740260230
1410Tavistock Group25 or more5405101602701,400870
1557Cullen Wealth14 to 2413019073120800180
1655Punter Southall25 or more36001,9004302203,1002,600
17N/AEquilibrium Asset Management07 to 134501,100685001,100360
18N/AMarsh Commercial25 or more1,5001,1003804102,6002,700
1954Ludlow Wealth Management07 to 132302201101501,100480
2018Westminster Wealth Management25 or more280280110160410270
2127HFMC Wealth25 or more2301807550270240
2225Paradigm Norton14 to 241801506366550180
239Foster Denovo25 or more1,5008902702601,7001,400
2473Smith & Pinching Financial Services Ltd14 to 241701501840410110
25N/APremier Wealth Planning14 to 2416018073120490320
26N/ALycetts Financial Services07 to 131301002767220170
2768Skipton Group0 to 66706103504103,6003,500
2815Pi Financial Ltd25 or more29043073280590440
29N/ABarnett Waddingham Group25 or more6302808550280230
3032Perspective Group25 or more450400971101,300790
31N/AAntrams07 to 13150458012280210
3234Validpath25 or more1601706076510370
33N/ABrooks Macdonald25 or more4001,50064640560470
342JLT Group25 or more1,1009402603101,6001,600
3545Chase de Vere25 or more1,6009203604805,3004,600
36N/AClark Gillone07 to 1320024096160460380
3761Wren Sterling Financial Planning25 or more3703001102001,100680
3828HSBC Bank Group25 or more1,2001,1001403309,0005,900
394Kerr Henderson14 to 246103106361750670
4012Beckett Financial Services14 to 2428025063100560500
4144InPartnership25 or more9001,2002407503,0002,400
4249Argyle Consulting07 to 132102007385470410
43N/AEllis Bates25 or more1801502536160160
4463Sense Network Ltd25 or more1,0001,0002203102,6001,900
4521Harwood Wealth Management Group25 or more7701,0001604302,1001,700
4680N W Brown & Co Ltd14 to 242801804064520430
478Brewin Dolphin Ltd25 or more2,5003,40013080011,00011,000
4865Advanta Wealth14 to 242701704576340250
4948Central Investment Services (Scotland) Ltd07 to 131402302656580260
5038Smith & Williamson Group25 or more8007809621039003400
51N/AA & J Wealth Management07 to 132201103944300230
5243Lloyds Banking Group25 or more2,4004,300-1,80034018,00021,000
5331Joseph R Lamb Independent Financial Advisers07 to 134702603768280260
54N/ABroadstone Group14 to 244302706164380370
5567Sanlam25 or more800820171902,4001,900
5651Tilney Smith & Williamson25 or more9801,900-290-4807,4008,000
5790Skerritt Consultants14 to 241602404758350320
58N/AMattioli Woods Plc25 or more5003207418970920
5996Wills & Trusts IFP07 to 1325025047399277
6082Clairville York Ltd0 to 61601202432220200
6164Barclays Group25 or more9401200-120-2904,6004,900
6242Lumin Wealth Management07 to 131901604481400270
6369HFS Milbourne Financial14 to 241801804041390360
6435Hoyl Group25 or more1601203451460390
65N/AThe Private Office25 or more44018081761100910
66N/ASchofield Money0 to 6160974555180150
6740UBS Group25 or more420360-120-421,4001,500
68N/AKeyte0 to 6180110615912090
6911Wingate Group07 to 132701503141340300
70N/AMurdoch Asset Management Ltd0 to 615078604913094
7162Pannells Financial Planning14 to 243403004152520460
7217Lovewell Blake Group07 to 131501101931260240
73N/ATimothy James & Partners14 to 242001905154610560
7422Ring Associates Ltd07 to 131801604076350310
7517Lighthouse Group25 or more7101,3001909303,3002,800
76N/ALifetime Financial Management07 to 131407220312519
7766Attivo Group14 to 241601202742370300
7884Lomond Financial Management07 to 131701303070190160
79N/AKBL0 to 6480450681301,4001,500
80N/ASacre Associates LLP07 to 13250884344470420
8133Fairstone25 or more1,2001,3002305404,1003,000
8224Canaccord Genuity25 or more260430-240609401000
83N/AAFWM Ltd0 to 613071373412096
84N/AMutual Financial Management07 to 1315012042655954
8575Loveday & Partners14 to 241602003284480360
8674Hargreaves Lansdown Group25 or more6,5007,3001101,30033,00033,000
8739Best Practice IFA Group25 or more860770972902,8002,200
88N/AReeves Independent0 to 61606260406025
89N/AFrancis Clark Financial Planning14 to 242001303658410370
9030Succession25 or more1,400670622205,9001,800
91N/AHugh Davies Associates Ltd0 to 614066868265
92N/AMartin Aitken Financial Services0 to 616011099210190
93N/AAscot Lloyd25 or more8405901101302,8002,300
94N/AOrigen Financial Services25 or more280240931401,4001,300
95N/AFurnley House Group07 to 13260170253310088
96N/AEdison Wealth Management0 to 617011037-2120130
9785Investec Group25 or more1,8002,300674408,2008,200
98N/AAlan Steel (Asset Management) Ltd07 to 1322022038391,1001,100
99N/APinnacle Financial Planning Ltd14 to 242502302654330290
100N/AThe Royal Bank of Scotland Group0 to 6910430-130-1203,9003,500
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Table notesThe list includes only firms whose primary business (i.e. majority of sales) is classified by Matrix Solutions as financial advisers, wealth managers and banks are included. Individual firms that are affiliated with a wider group are included within the figures for the wider group and appointed representatives are included within the figures for their principal, regardless of whether they could appear individually. The figures for the list have been rounded up and include assets invested in retail investments and pensions, reported to Matrix Solutions by our Financial Clarity partners, other assets, such as those invested in discretionary funds or portfolios, hedge funds etc. are not included. Matrix Solutions receives data directly from fund managers covering 90 per cent of the UK retail investment market into their Financial Clarity product. Fund manager data is further supplemented and enhanced with platform feeds. The top 25 fund managers account for 80 per cent of retail assets under management and Matrix Solutions received sales data from 22 of these investment houses. Sixteen platforms submit data to Matrix Solutions, including 15 at fund and intermediary level. High platform coverage provides visibility of platform sales from fund managers not currently contributing directly to Financial Clarity. CF30 numbers may include qualified staff who are actively advising customers. Certain firms no longer have CF30’s registered against them following a change in the regulatory regime in March 2016. Matrix is an ISS Market Intelligence company.

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