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Rank 2016/17
Gross Sales 2016/17
1St James's Place Wealth Management13,000,000,0004,206
3Hargreaves Lansdown Group7,300,000,000156
5Brewin Dolphin Ltd2,700,000,000422
8Investec Group1,800,000,000395
9Brooks Macdonald1,800,000,00082
11IFG Group1,500,000,00054
12Skipton Group1,300,000,0000
13The Royal Bank of Scotland Group1,300,000,0000
14Rathbone Investment Management1,300,000,0000
15Charles Stanley1,200,000,000279
16Barclays Group1,200,000,000214
17HSBC Bank Group1,100,000,0000
18Harwood Wealth Management Group1,000,000,000255
19Lloyds Banking Group1,000,000,000217
20Tilney Smith & Williamson1,000,000,000569
21Lighthouse Group1,000,000,000493
22Perspective Group1,000,000,00049
23Sense Network Ltd1,000,000,000174
24Raymond James Group850,000,000109
26Chase de Vere750,000,000195
27Close Brothers Asset Management750,000,000270
28Standard Life Aberdeen700,000,00095
29LGT Vestra700,000,00094
30Smith & Williamson Group650,000,000237
31Prudential Group650,000,000311
32Ascot Lloyd600,000,000106
33Punter Southall600,000,00061
34Best Practice IFA Group550,000,000206
35Joseph R Lamb Independent Financial Advisers500,000,0006
36Tavistock Group500,000,000178
38JLT Group440,000,00056
39Medical Money Management410,000,00030
40Pi Financial Ltd400,000,00089
41Chartwell Financial Services Ltd370,000,0005
42KMG Independent370,000,0007
43UBS Group360,000,0000
45Mazars Financial Planning330,000,00027
46Principal & Prosper Holdings Ltd320,000,00013
47Grant Thornton Group310,000,00052
48Emery (Ifa) Ltd300,000,0006
49Newell Palmer Group300,000,00034
50David Williams IFA Ltd300,000,00012
51Chetwood Wealth Management Ltd290,000,00017
52Ludlow Wealth Management290,000,00013
53Argentis Financial Management Ltd280,000,00027
54Equilibrium Asset Management270,000,00011
55Foster Denovo260,000,00079
56HBFS Financial Services Ltd240,000,0007
57Willis Towers Watson240,000,000209
58Merlin Financial Consultants Ltd230,000,0005
59Gemini Wealth Management Ltd230,000,00014
60Societe Generale Group230,000,0000
61Canaccord Genuity230,000,000176
62Gale & Phillipson230,000,00017
63Alan Steel (Asset Management) Ltd230,000,00010
64Moore Stephens Group220,000,00028
65Abacus Associates Financial Services Ltd220,000,00065
66Helm Godfrey Partners Ltd220,000,00029
67EQ Investors210,000,00022
68Central Investment Services (Scotland) Ltd210,000,00010
69Westminster Wealth Management210,000,00032
70AFH Financial Group210,000,000162
71HFS Milbourne Financial200,000,0008
72Rowan Dartington & Co200,000,00055
73Walker Crips Group190,000,000119
74Independent Financial Strategies Ltd190,000,00011
75Speirs & Jeffrey Ltd190,000,00037
77Pannells Financial Planning190,000,00024
78The Insurance Partnership Financial Services Ltd190,000,00013
79Unbiased Financial Group190,000,0005
80Skerritt Consultants180,000,00017
81Argyle Consulting170,000,00011
82Fraser Wealth Management Ltd170,000,0004
83Ellis Bates160,000,00038
84Smith & Pinching160,000,00013
85Cornelian Asset Managers Ltd160,000,00011
86Cullen Wealth160,000,00022
87Pinnacle Financial Planning Ltd160,000,00014
88True Potential150,000,000453
89Wills & Trusts IFP150,000,0004
90Timothy James & Partners150,000,00014
91Pharon Independent Financial Advisers150,000,0007
92Cumberland Place Financial Management150,000,0000
93James Brearley & Sons150,000,00011
94Meridan Financial LLP140,000,0003
95Killik & Co140,000,00084
96Mattioli Woods Plc140,000,00090
97Sutherland Independent Ltd140,000,0005
98Asset Management Financial Advisers Ltd140,000,00011
99Paradigm Norton140,000,00011
100Premier Financial Management Ltd140,000,0004
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Table notesThe data is just a guide only. The gross sales are an estimate of the investment and pensions products sold from 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017, obtained through Strategic Insight's Financial Clarity product, which received information from providers, platforms and life and pensions companies. Where applicable, we have included data from businesses’ execution-only platforms. The figures have been rounded up, and in some cases two different ranks produce the same sales. Where two figures are similar they have been ranked by Strategic Insight according to their data. The table is a guide only. The different nature of the reports received does lead to bias towards firms that mostly trade directly with fund managers or through platforms rather than with life & pensions companies. Specifically, the sales figures include switches between funds as well as new business as fund managers are usually unable to differentiate the two for sales that they report. Life and pension companies do not tend to report fund switches. Share class conversions are not included. Only investments and pension sales have been included. Except for Hargreaves Lansdown, only firms whose primary business (i.e. majority of sales) is classified by Strategic Insight as either financial advisers, wealth managers and banks are included. All appointed representatives are included within the figures for their principal(s) regardless of whether they would be big enough to have their own entry within the Top 100. Appointed representatives with two recognised investment network principals have been included in both except where both principals are within the same group. Directly authorised firms using service providers related to networks are not included within their sister network’s figures. For the same reason service providers such as SimplyBiz and ThreeSixty do not appear in the list. Figures for some advisers may be understated where business is placed on white-labelled platforms. These include Best Practice and True Potential. IFDL have provided data regarding sales on Succession and Openwork’s platforms at their respective requests. Others may also be understated if they use nominee services or non-contributing platforms and life and pensions companies. 50 per cent to 70 per cent of RBS group's gross sales may be due to in specie transfers that are not reported separately to SI. Investment figures for St. James Place have been taken from the relevant annual and interim reports. CF30 numbers may include qualified staff who are actively advising customers. Certain firms no longer have CF30’s registered against them following a change in the regulatory regime in March 2016.

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