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Company Name
Ranking 2012
Ranking 2011
Ranking 2010
Ranking 2009
Ranking 2008
Ranking 2007
Gross sales (£m) 2012-13
Number of CF30 individuals
Hargreaves Lansdown1353839694,300123Includes execution-only
Brewin Dolphin223311--1,
Openwork344222217001,005Includes 2Plan Wealth
St James's Place Wealth Management4624---1,6002642Fundscape
Barclays Group622241515441,4003,386Includes Gerrard Financial Planning / Investment / gerrard.htm
Intrinsic/Positive Solutions88911912261,2001,
Skipton Group9151717182422970164Includes Skipton Financial Services, Pearson Jones, Torquil
Investec Wealth &
Succession1113-----930288Includes Berkeley Burke and other firms on the Succession transition
Brooks Macdonald12------88065--
Charles Stanley1371318---640352Includes execution-only
Financial Ltd Group14------630375--
InPartnership15192326232120590223Includes Whitechurch
Rathbone Investment Management16------590213--
Paradigm Financial
Standard Life
IFG Group1968-----55058Includes Saunderson
Chase de Vere20------540203--
JLT Group21826108--49083Includes wealth and employee benefits
Smith & Williamson
Tilney Smith & Williamson2618312227292836023Includes execution-only
Close Brothers Asset
Thomsons Online
Best Practice IFA
Grant Thornton
Equilibrium Asset Management33------2307--
Sense Network
LGT Vestra35------21056--
Joseph R Lamb Independent Financial Advisers36------2006--
Marsh Commercial38343746---17035Includes financial planning and employee benefit
Beaufort Financial Planning39------17034--
Newell Palmer
Alan Steel (Asset Management)
Medical Money
Kellands Group43------15032--
Emery (Ifa) Ltd44------1505--
Sterling McCall Group45------15023Includes County Life & Pensions-
Ellis Bates46------14020--
Troy French & Partners47------1403--
Gemini Wealth Management Ltd48------14012--
Old Mill Financial Planning LLP49------14023--
Ascot Lloyd51------14031--
Baker Tilly (formerly RSM Tenon)52------13055--
Balmoral Asset Management Ltd53------13010--
Towergate Financial / east
Timothy James &
Moneywise IFA Ltd57------12019--
The Fry Group5861-6054595012020--
Chartwell Financial Services Ltd59------1205--
Helm Godfrey Partners
Smith & Pinching61------11019--
HFS Milbourne Financial62------1106--
Broadstone Pensions & Investments
HBFS Financial Services Ltd64------1003--
Network Direct Ltd65------10059--
Fairstone Financial Management (City) Ltd66------9926--
Compass Wealth Management Consultants
Lakeside Wealth Management Ltd68------973--
Hugh Davies Associates Ltd69------974--
Affinity Fin
Clarity Ltd71------976--
Cullen Financial Planning
Prescient Financial Intelligence Ltd76------908--
Square One Financial Planning LLP77------9017--
Fraser Wealth Management Ltd78------904--
Killik & Co LLP79------8991--
Argentis Financial Management Ltd80------8919--
Policy Services Ltd81------894--
Cumberland Place Financial Management82------897--
Fiscal Engineers Ltd83------854--
Argyle Consulting84------8515--
Wills & Trusts IFP85------853--
Oval Financial Services
True Potential87------83250--
KMG Independent88------814--
Pi Financial
Cardale Asset Management Ltd91------8018--
Origen Financial Services93------7853--
Truestone Asset Management Ltd94------7815--
AFH Independent Financial Services
Personal Touch Financial Services
Greystone Financial Services
PFP Wealth Planning LLP98------7218--
Cadogan Advisory Services99------722--
Ascot Lloyd Financial Services Ltd100------7232--
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Table notesThe gross sales are an estimate of life and pensions and investment products sold from July 2012 to June 2013, obtained through Matrix Solutions' Financial Clarity product, which receives information from providers and platforms. Where applicable, we have included data from business' execution-only platforms. The figures have been rounded up, and in some cases two different ranks produce the same sales. Where two figures are similar they have been ranked by Matrix Solutions according to their data. As of 10 April 2014, this ranking has been updated to take account of new figures.

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