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European Business School Rankings 2013

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Rankings at a glance
Rank 201342
Rank 2012040
Rank 2011028
3 year average rank337
MBA 2013
MBA European Rank 2013-
MBA salary today ($)-
MBA salary increase (%)-
Executive MBA 2013
EMBA European Rank 2013#[1]>22**[2]
EMBA salary today ($)#[1]152,798
EMBA salary increase (%)#[1]44
Masters in Management 2013
Masters in Management European Rank 2013†[3]19
Masters in Management salary today ($)78855,180
Executive Education 2013
Open programmes - Executive Education 2013-
Custom programmes - Executive Education 2013-
Female Faculty (%)‡[4]333
International Faculty (%)‡[4]118
Faculty with doctorate (%)‡[4]898
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Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
Augasse 2-6
1090 Wien
Austria, E.U.

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1. # Figure in brackets refers to data from second programme for schools with more than one programme ranked

2. ** WU/ University of Minnesota: Carlson

3. † The Cems programme was ranked seventh in the Masters in Management 2013 rankings, but it has not been included in the European Business Schools 2013 ranking as it is a programme and not a school

4. ‡ Data are provided for information only. Most recently published data are given