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Global MBA Ranking 2018

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Rankings at a glance
Rank in 201864
Rank in 201775
Rank in 201666
3 year average rank568
Audit year02017
Alumni career progress
Salary today (US$)15104,306
Weighted salary (US$)15104,306
Salary percentage increase43118
Value for money rank25
Career progress rank1161
Aims achieved (%)180
Careers service rank197
Employed at three months (%)291 (92)
Alumni recommend rank892
Female faculty (%)336
Female students (%)2767
Women on board (%)1220
International faculty (%)264
International students (%)093
International board (%)1153
International mobility rank1153
International course experience rank1573
Idea generation
Faculty with doctorates (%)298
PhD graduates No.88 (1)
FT research rank885
Rank in 2018 chart

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Here at the triple-accredited Durham University Business School we believe that to succeed in business, you need to get closer to the realities of business. So that's what we do.  

Our programmes combine academic excellence and incisive research with exceptional global business connections at a triple-accredited school. Add to that, excellent career development opportunities and you will find a learning experience that equips you for success.

Why students chose Durham for their MBA

Better Business Thinking


  • Dec 15th
    CEGAP seminar series: Intermediate Imports and the Transmission of Macroeconomic Shocks
  • Jan 24th 2019
    Thomas Cornelissen (University of York): Knowledge Spillover from Apprenticeship Training
  • Jan 30th 2019
    North East Initiative on Business Ethics - The effect of Disney animations on young people: being (un)prepared for organisational life
  • Feb 16th 2019
    MBA Open Event
  • Feb 27th 2019
    EEFAG/Accounting workshop for Ph.D./MSc./BSc. students on Stata
  • Mar 4th 2019
    Ansgar Walther (Imperial College London)
  • May 8th 2019
    EEFAG/Accounting workshop: Presenter: Dr. Guanming He (Durham University)

Alumni profile

Please note that these statistics are based on the data supplied by those alumni who responded to the survey. Class of 2014.

Strengths and weaknesses

Alumni ratings for different aspects of the programme (average), where 1 = poor and 10 = excellent

International Mobility

Alumni who moved countries following their programme (per cent)

Company internships

Alumni who completed a company internship and received a job offer from the host company (per cent)

Importance of aims when taking an MBA

Alumni importance ratings for different programme aims (average), 1 = not important, 10 = very important

Aims achieved by taking the MBA

Achievement of programme aims (per cent)

Current job title

Alumni job titles three years after graduation (per cent)

Current company size (employees)

Size of company of employment three years after graduation (per cent)

Current sector

Sector of employment three years after graduation (per cent)