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European Business School Rankings 2011

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Rankings at a glance
Current rank46
Rank 2010[1]42
Rank 2009[1]39
3 year average rank[1]42
MBA 2011
Full time MBA 20118
MBA salary today ($)137,199
MBA salary increase (%)101
EMBA 2011
Executive MBA 2011-
EMBA salary today ($)[2]-
EMBA salary increase (%)[2]-
Masters 2011
Masters in Management 2011-
Masters in Management salary today ($)-
Executive education 2011
Open programmes - Executive Education 2011-
Custom programmes - Executive Education 2011-
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The Cambridge MBA offers:


IMPACT: an international, general business qualification from the world renowned University of Cambridge will make an impact with global recruiters


- TAILORING: through our 'concentrations', and with more courses and practical consulting projects than most other b-schools, you can build your MBA experience


- PEOPLE: our MBA class is smaller than most, which allows for close-up interaction with your highly talented and diverse classmates. Your new network, which will include top-class faculty and a wide range of external practitioners, will be your springboard to great things


- RETURN ON INVESTMENT: a 12-month programme, our MBA delivers results for graduates, fast. With 88% of our graduates employed 3 months out with an average base salary of £62,000, you'll make a quick return on your investment.

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Judge Business School
University of Cambridge
Trumpington St
Cambridge CB2 1AG

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1. Data are provided for information only and do not form part of the 2011 ranking.

2. Figure in brackets refers to data from second programme for schools with more than one programme ranked.