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Started company (%)
Female entrepreneurs (%)
Equity (%)
Still operating (%)
Main source of income (%)
School - start[1]
School - finance[2]
School - recruit[3]
Network - start[4]
Network - finance[5]
Network - recruit[6]
10Stanford Graduate School of BusinessUS3626832388776379.
29MIT: SloanUS3610158315731664199.
31Babson College: OlinUS526115017914559.
4University of Cambridge: JudgeUK17313686259.69.398.
51University of California at Berkeley: HaasUS1823580265558189.
62Dartmouth College: TuckUS144315018761864449.
7City University: CassUK27193894479.58.686.
8Carnegie Mellon: TepperUS1676492339.
93University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolUK2922169217963538.
1012Columbia Business SchoolUS1819664857482590.38.80.383.27.90.590.
104University of Chicago: BoothUS19524701872154139.
12Yale School of ManagementUS16216467459.
136University of Pennsylvania: WhartonUS255156317534538.608.
14Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK343056100648.57.2..5.57.567.6
1512University of Virginia: DardenUS153207320602527128.80.48.7090.99.419.
163Harvard Business SchoolUS226215631586431190.
170InseadFeatured business schoolFrance / Singapore24414601811544139080.36.917.
172New York University: SternUS14326674911255308.
20University of Michigan: RossUS161567743098.787.
21Lancaster University Management SchoolUK3401891509.
211University of Southern California: MarshallUS1981262227284729908.
23Northwestern University: KelloggUS15375389419.17.667.
2416IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain255135448393848.
25Cornell University: JohnsonUS28225673478.
2617London Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK232265877423439.
2722UCLA: AndersonUS201188935812132248.80.581.
28Brigham Young University: MarriottUS2186383368.
2818Iese Business SchoolSpain19706408704879.
30Alliance Manchester Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK20185072298.88.8..
3116Ipade Business SchoolMexico43223321961018148.
3214Duke University: FuquaUS1252860677755298.
32Esade Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain2787985339.
3410Incae Business SchoolCosta Rica2511842883940179.2070.
35Rice University: JonesUS2298082607.27.38..7.67.3..
37Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolNetherlands23234293548.47.5..5.47.1..4.8
38Melbourne Business SchoolAustralia171550793698.
39Edhec Business SchoolFrance27292757678.59..6.87.765.8
39University of Toronto: RotmanCanada131050100368.35..7.58.8....
41Indiana University: KelleyUS1292092408.98.3....8.6....
4217HEC ParisFrance2681643273103259.
43Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolUK25174669509.
4428Georgetown University: McDonoughUS183064193062307.
45University of Edinburgh Business SchoolUK3385092588.
46Indian School of BusinessIndia16195078398.
47University of North Carolina: Kenan-FlaglerUS17185762238.37.876.
4825HKUST Business SchoolChina25320422150303608.807.20.661.
49Western University: IveyCanada1306762457.
50University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK44182264138.
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Table notes.. insufficient data

1. The extent to which the business school helped start the company.

2. The extent to which the business school helped secure financing.

3. The extent to which the business school helped recruit key staff.

4. The extent to which the alumni network helped start the company.

5. The extent to which the alumni network helped secure financing.

6. The extent to which the alumni network helped recruit key staff.

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