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Top MBAs for entrepreneurship 2016

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Started company (%)[1]
Female entrepreneurs (%)[2]
Equity (%)[3]
Still operating (%)[4]
Main source of income (%)[5]
School - start[6]
School - finance[7]
School - recruit[8]
Network - start[9]
Network - finance[10]
Network - recruit[11]
1Stanford Graduate School of BusinessUS34296081399.
2Babson College: OlinUS46294978409.
3University of Virginia: DardenUS18115385399.
4Dartmouth College: TuckUS1886858209.
5UCLA Anderson School of ManagementUS1935460569.
6University of California at Berkeley: HaasUS20148260408.
7University of Pennsylvania: WhartonUS20186278428.
8IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain30235874429.
9London Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK25136576319.
10Iese Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain262264874197.
11MIT: SloanUS26156889458.
12University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolUK278488538986.
13Harvard Business SchoolUS28218764548.
14University of Chicago: BoothUS146525738998.
15Ipade Business SchoolMexico413033863296.93.65.986.77.5
16Georgetown University: McDonoughUS1596593328.
17InseadFeatured business schoolFrance / Singapore201159663198.
18Duke University: FuquaUS177548426986.
19New York University: SternUS17107179258.
20University of Southern California: MarshallUS27224064189968.28.17.48
21Birmingham Business SchoolUK36277983538.96.74.3474.34.6
22Columbia Business SchoolUS19236278238.
23HKUST Business SchoolChina2256380368.
24Incae Business SchoolCosta Rica26155092239.
25HEC ParisFeatured business schoolFrance18144563378.
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Table notesNote: The data is based on a FT survey of MBA graduates from the Class of 2012.

1. Percentage of MBA graduates from the Class of 2012 who started a company.

2. Percentage of female MBA graduates who started a company.

3. Percentage of entrepreneurs who raised at least a third their equity via private investors, rather than own savings and family and friends.

4. Percentage of companies started in 2014 or earlier that are still operating at the end of 2015.

5. Percentage of entrepreneurs for whom their company is the main source of revenue.

6. The extent to which the business school helped start the company.

7. The extent to which the business school helped secure financing.

8. The extent to which the business school helped recruit key staff.

9. The extent to which the alumni network helped start the company.

10. The extent to which the alumni network helped secure financing.

11. The extent to which the alumni network helped recruit key staff.

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