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Executive Education - Customised - 2011

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Rankings at a glance
Rank in 201146
Rank in 2010[1]47
Rank in 2009[1]36
Average rank (3 years)43
Preparation rank45
Programme design rank42
Teaching methods & materials rank50
Faculty rank50
New skills & learning42
Follow-up rank35
Aims achieved rank52
Facilities rank47
Value for money rank34
Future use rank31
International clients rank60
International participants rank24
Overseas programmes rank14
Partner schools rank36
Faculty diversity rank47
Total Responses[2]43 (3)
Custom Revenue ($Millions)[2]-

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Tias building
Warandelaan 2,
5037 AB,
The Netherlands

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1. These data are provided for information only and do not form part of the 2011 ranking.

2. These data are provided for information only.