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Global MBA Rankings 2001

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Rankings at a glance
Current rank03
Rank in 20003
Total score73.0
Faculty with doctorates (%)892
Alumni career progress
Salary today (US$)9,091168,318
Weighted salary (US$)13,814171,318
Salary percentage increase6206
Value for money ratio2.5
Value for money rank69
Career progress index59
Career progress rank21
Aims achieved rank30
Aims achieved (%)79
Placement success index87
Placement success rank26
Employed at three months (%)199
Alumni recommend rank2
Women faculty (%)015
Women students (%)1141
Women on board (%)416
International faculty (%)627
International students (%)029
International board (%)017
International mobility index23
International mobility rank73
International experience index5
International experience rank79
Idea generation
FT doctoral rating76
FT doctoral rank4
FT research rating85
FT research rank94

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