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School name
Principle country[1]
Prog name
Prog type
Degree awarding body
No. enrolled 2010[2]
Intakes per yr[3]
Int. accreditation[4]
Time limit[5]
Avg time[6]
% Finished 5yrs[7]
% Int. students
Exam required[8]
Online exams[9]
% Materials online[10]
% Online cwork
% Online teamwk[11]
Study centres[12]
Study at centre[13]
Campus study[14]
Curtin Graduate School of BusinessAustraliaMBAgeneral management-773Amba, Cel701 to 39514y309292ynnyAllhttp: / /gsb.curtin.edu.au / gsb / future-students / studying-online /
Curtin Graduate School of BusinessAustraliaMBA - Oil and Gasspecialised - oil & gas management-193n/a701 to 3950y309292ynnyAllhttp: / /gsb.curtin.edu.au / gsb / future-students / studying-online /
Curtin Graduate School of BusinessAustraliaMBA - Strategic Procurementspecialised - strategic procurement-193n/a701 to 3950y309292ynnyAllhttp: / /gsb.curtin.edu.au / gsb / future-students / studying-online /
RMITAustraliaOnline MBA Executivegeneral management-3423n/a5039025y508080ynnyAsia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americawww.rmit.edu.au / bus / postgrad / mbae
Athabasca UniversityCanadaExecutive MBAgeneral management-8443n/a502.5865y1005094ynnnAllwww.mba.athabascau.ca
Euro*MBA ConsortiumNetherlandsEuro*MBAgeneral managementAudencia Nantes School of Management, EADA, HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management, IAE Aix Graduate School of Management, Kozminski University and Maastricht University School of Business and Economics272Amba2139895y05070ynnyEuropewww.euromba.org
Centrum CatólicaPeruVirtual Management MBAgeneral management-1993AACSB, Amba302.310019y807080yynyAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americacentrum.pucp.edu.pe / mbavirtual /
EudeSpainMBAgeneral managementMadrid University968Rollingn/a219585y505050yyyyCaribbean, Europe, South Americawww.eude.es / cursos-masters / masters-semipresenciales
EudeSpainMBA - Environmentspecialised - environment-62Rollingn/a219945y100100100nynnCaribbean, Europe, South Americawww.master-mba.es / mba-direccion-y-administracion-de-empresas-especialidad-medio-ambiente
EudeSpainMBA - Human Resourcesspecialised - human resources-66Rollingn/a219850y100100100nynnCaribbean, Europe, South Americawww.master-mba.es / mba-direccion-y-administracion-de-empresas-especialidad-recursos-humanos
EudeSpainMBA - International Tradespecialised - international trade-19Rollingn/a219230y100100100nynnCaribbean, Europe, South Americawww.master-mba.es / mba-direccion-y-administracion-de-empresas-especialidad-internacional
EudeSpainMBA - Marketingspecialised - marketing-72Rollingn/a2110025y100100100nynnCaribbean, Europe, South Americawww.master-mba.es / mba-direccion-y-administracion-de-empresas-especialidad-marketing
IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainGlobal MBA Onlinegeneral management-926AACSB, Amba, Equis1.250.051.259884yvariesvaries95ynnyAllgmba-eng.ie.edu
IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainInternational Executive MBAgeneral management-1066n/a10.319672yvariesvaries80ynnyAllixmba.ie.edu
Instituto Europeo de PosgradoSpainMBAgeneral management-3433-1.21.28575y10090100ynnnAfrica, Caribbean, Europe, North America, South Americawww.iep.edu.es
Isead Business SchoolSpainExecutive MBAgeneral managementCentro Universitario Villanueva1333n/a301.28868y10010090yyyyAfrica, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americawww.isead.es
Isead Business SchoolSpainMBAgeneral management-1453n/a301.27758y10010095yynyAfrica, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americawww.isead.es
Robert Kennedy CollegeSwitzerlandUniversity of Cumbria MBA at Robert Kennedy Collegespecialised - leadership and sustainabilityUniversity of Cumbria238Rollingn/a61n/an/a95y1007099ynnyAllcollege.ch / mba-leadership.html
Robert Kennedy CollegeSwitzerlandUniversity of Wales MBA at Robert Kennedy Collegegeneral managementUniversity of Wales1685Rollingn/a502 to 39095y1007099ynynAllcollege.ch / online-mba.html
SBS Swiss Business SchoolSwitzerlandDistance MBAgeneral mangement-320Rollingn/a502.59580y100100100nynnAsia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americawww.sbs.edu / programs / graduate / distance-mba
Swiss Management CenterSwitzerlandMBAgeneral management-2163Rollingn/a4028994y93100100yynnAllwww.swissmc.ch
Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon UniversityUKExecutive Online MBAgeneral management-1212Amba502.78770y50100100ynnyAllwww4.rgu.ac.uk / abs / postgraduate / page.cfm?pge=13409
Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon UniversityUKMBA Oil and Gas Managementspecialised - oil and gas management-1892n/a502.710068y50100100ynnyAllwww4.rgu.ac.uk / abs / postgraduate / page.cfm?pge=43760
Aston Business SchoolUKDistance Learning MBAgeneral management-263AACSB, Amba, Equis502.59845y050100yyyyAfrica, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americawww.aston.ac.uk / mba
University of Bradford School of ManagementUKDistance learning MBAgeneral management-2284Amba, Equis6039085y0100100yynnAllwww.bradford.ac.uk / management / programmes / mba / dlmba / ataglance /
Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKThe Global MBAgeneral management-5264AACSB, Amba, Equis504.26753y0950ynnyAllwww.dur.ac.uk / dbs / glc / mba-dl
Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKThe Global MBA in Financespecialised - finance-454n/a50n/an/a78y0950ynnyAllwww.dur.ac.uk / dbs / glc / mba-dl
Edinburgh Business School, Heriot - Watt UniversityUKMBAgeneral management-9345Rollingn/an/a037079y010nynnAllwww.ebsglobal.net / programmes / mba
Henley Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKHenley MBA by Flexible Learninggeneral managementUniversity of Reading4422AACSB, Amba, Equis514n/a68y085100yyyyAfrica, Asia, Caribbean, Europewww.henley.com / mba
Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMBA (Distance)general management-2201Amba, Equis4038066y0100100ynnyAllwww3.imperial.ac.uk / business-school / programmes / distance-learning-mba
London School of Business and FinanceUKLSBF MBAgeneral managementUniversity of Wales3014n/a501.25n/a61y100100100ynnnAllwww.lsbf.org.uk / programmes / masters / mba / mba-online
Open University Business SchoolUKMBAgeneral management-51002AACSB, Amba, Equis7337045y0variesvariesyyynAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle Eastwww3.open.ac.uk / study / postgraduate / qualification / f61.htm
Open University Business SchoolUKMBA - Technology Managementspecialised - technology mangement-4202n/a7337045y0variesvariesyyynAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle Eastwww3.open.ac.uk / courses / bin / p12.dll?Q01F03
Oxford Brookes UniversityUKGlobal MBAgeneral management-1402Amba503010060yn/a100100ynnnAllwww.business.brookes.ac.uk / mba / dl /
RDI - Resource Development InternationalUKUniversity of Wales MBA at RDIgeneral managementUniversity of Wales12204n/a402n/a60y0100100ynnnAllwww.rdi.co.uk / business-pathway / 48-mba.html
Royal Holloway, University of LondonUKMBA International Management by Distance Learninggeneral management-n/a2Amba5055389y0n/a20yynyAllwww.londoninternational.ac.uk / mba
University of LeicesterUKMBAgeneral mangement-9314Amba504.2n/a89y0900yynnAllwww.le.ac.uk / ulsm
University of Liverpool Management SchoolUKMBAgeneral management-2297RollingCel62.5n/a92-n/a100100ynnnAllwww.uol.ohecampus.com / mba
University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKStrathclyde Flexible Learning MBAgeneral management-752AACSB, Amba, Equis6038525y0200yynyAllwww.strathclydemba.com
Warwick Business SchoolUKWarwick MBA by Distance Learninggeneral management-18653AACSB, Amba, Equis5038054y338595ynnyAllwww.wbs.ac.uk / students / mba / dl
Warwick Business SchoolUKWarwick Global Energy MBAspecialised - energy-613n/a503n/a52y05050ynnyAllwww.warwickmba.com / global-energy
Arizona State University: CareyUSW. P. Carey Online MBAgeneral management-4412AACSB642932y100100100ynnnAllwpcarey.asu.edu / mba / online
Babson College: OlinUSFast Track MBAgeneral management-5593AACSB, Equis8029411y10060100yyyyAllwww.babson.edu / fasttrack
Drexel University: LeBowUSMBA Anywheregeneral management-1103AACSB202970y10010088ynnyAllwww.lebow.drexel.edu / Prospects / MBA / Online.php
Drexel University: LeBowUSMBA in Pharmaceutical Managementspecialised - pharmaceutical management or healthcare-523n/a2021005y10010075ynnyAllwww.lebow.drexel.edu / Prospects / ExecEd / Pharm / index.php
George Washington UniversityUSHealth Care MBAspecialised - healthcare-2412AACSB502.5902y100100100ynnnAllwww.mbahc.info /
Indiana University: KelleyUSKelley Direct Programs - MBAgeneral management-13262AACSB502.25963y959595ynnyAllkd.iu.edu
Northeastern University: D'Amore-McKimUSNortheastern University Online MBAgeneral management-11759AACSB502n/a7y100100100ynnnAllonlinemba.neu.edu
Syracuse University: WhitmanUSiMBAgeneral management-2472AACSB703682y759595ynnyAllhttp: / /whitman.syr.edu / iMBA
Thunderbird School of Global ManagementUSGlobal MBA for Latin American Managersgeneral management-1341AACSB5029790-100950yyyyAllwww.thunderbird.edu / globalmba
Thunderbird School of Global ManagementUSGlobal MBA On-Demandgeneral management-1653n/a501.759210-988075yynyAllwww.thunderbird.edu / gmba
University of Florida: HoughUSInternet MBA Program One Yeargeneral management-562AACSB1.30.031.3950y050100ynnyAllwww.floridamba.ufl.edu / workingprofessional / internet /
University of Florida: HoughUSInternet MBA Program Two Yeargeneral management-662n/a2.30.972.3870y050100ynnyAllwww.floridamba.ufl.edu / workingprofessional / internet /
University of Maryland University CollegeUSMBAgeneral management-19304n/a502902-100100100yynnAllwww.umuc.edu / departments / bus-exec / mba / index.shtml
University of Maryland University CollegeUSExecutive MBAgeneral management-352n/a501.8800-05050yynyAllwww.umuc.edu / programs / grad / xmba
University of Nebraska-LincolnUSBusiness Administraton Distance MBAgeneral management-614AACSB1003.33908y100100100yynnAllhttp: / /mba.unl.edu / distance /
University of Texas at Dallas: JindalUSGlobal Leadership EMBA Programgeneral management-363AACSB6021005y58080yyyyAllwww.som.utdallas.edu / graduate / execed / glemba /
University of Texas at Dallas: JindalUSGlobal Online MBA Programgeneral management-853n/a6021003y80100100yynnAllwww.som.utdallas.edu / onlinePrograms / globalMbaOnline /
University of Texas at Dallas: JindalUSProject Management EMBA Programspecialised - project management-403n/a6021002y100100100yynnAllwww.som.utdallas.edu / graduate / execed / projectMgmtProg /
Walden UniversityUSMBAgeneral mangement-2,2556n/a502554.5y100100100ynnnAllwww.waldenu.edu / Degree-Programs / Masters / Master-of-Business-Administration.htm
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Table notes41 of the top online MBA providers. This table is compiled from a list of schools that completed a Financial Times survey. This is not a comprehensive list.

1. The main location of the institution.

2. The number of participants enrolled on the MBA programme between January 1 2010 and December 31 2010.

3. The number of class start dates each year. Rolling intake indicates that students can start the programme at any time.

4. Schools were asked to indicate whether their nominated programme is accredited by AACSB, Amba, Equis or Cel.

5. The maximum amount of time students have to complete the programme.

6. The average amount of time students take to complete the programme.

7. The percentage of students that complete the MBA programme within 5 years of the start date.

8. Schools were asked whether students were required to take examinations in order to complete the programme.

9. Schools were asked whether examinations are taken online as part of the programme.

10. The percentage of teaching material related to the programme delivered online.

11. Schools were asked whether the programme includes working with other participants online.

12. Schools were asked whether they have local study centres for those participating in online programmes. y=yes, n=no, n/a=not applicable or not available.

13. Schools were asked whether students were required to study at a local study centre as part of the programme.

14. Schools were asked whether students were required to study at the school campus as part of the programme.

15. Regions where students can access the programme website and receive help/support.

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