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School name
Principle country[1]
Programme name
No. enrolled[2]
Intakes per year[3]
Int. accreditation[4]
Time limit[5]
Avg time[6]
% finished 5years[7]
% Int. students
Exam required[8]
Online exams[9]
% materials online[10]
% online cwork
Online teamwork[11]
Study centres[12]
Study at centre[13]
Campus study[14]
Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon UniversityUKeMBA1252Amba52.759576yn100100ynn/ayAllwww.rgu.ac.uk / mba
Aberdeen Business School, Robert Gordon UniversityUKMBA Oil and Gas Management672Amba52.759861yn100100ynn/ayAllwww.rgu.ac.uk / mba
Alliance Manchester Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMBA for Financial Managers and Finance Professionals1,9982AACSB, Amba, Equis54.27586yy90[17]80yyyyAllwww.mbs-worldwide.ac.uk / programmes / finance / default.asp
Alliance Manchester Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMBA for Engineering Business Managers1,0862AACSB, Amba, Equis54.27583yy90[17]80yyyyAllwww.mbs-worldwide.ac.uk / programmes / engineering / default.asp
Alliance Manchester Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMBA for Construction Executives1462AACSB, Amba, Equis5n/a[18]n/a64yn90[17]80yyyyAllwww.mbs-worldwide.ac.uk / programmes / construction / default.asp
Arizona State University: CareyUSMBA - Online3652AACSB229610yy100100ynn/ayAllwpcarey.asu.edu / mba / online
Aston Business SchoolUKDistance-Learning MBA803AACSB, Amba, Equis52.59510yn700ynn/ayAsia, Europe, Middle East, North Americawww.abs.aston.ac.uk / newweb / programmes / mba
Athabasca UniversityCanadaExecutive MBA8703-52.5885yyn/a[19]94ynn/anAllwww.mba.athabascau.ca
Babson College: OlinUSFast Track MBA5773AACSB, Equis82951yy6040ynn/ayAllmba.babson.edu / programs / fasttrack.aspx
Drexel University: LeBowUSMBA Anywhere1092AACSB22850yy8585ynn/ayAllwww.lebow.drexel.edu / Prospects / MBA / MBAAnywhere / index.php
Drexel University: LeBowUSMBA in Pharmaceutical Management721AACSB221006yy8585ynn/ayAllwww.lebow.drexel.edu / Prospects / ExecEd / Pharm / index.php
Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMBA511RollingAmba, Equis53.57451yn800ynn/ayAllwww.dur.ac.uk / dbs / degrees / mba / mba_dl /
Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMBA (Finance)12RollingAmba, Equis53.57458yn800ynn/ayAllwww.dur.ac.uk / dbs / degrees / mba / mba_dl /
Edinburgh Business School, Heriot - Watt UniversityUKMBA8,403Rolling--[20]37085yn1000[21]nynnAllwww.ebsglobal.net
Egade Business SchoolMexicoMBA2,3543--[20]3[22]8013yy80100yynnAsia, Europe, North America, South Americawww.ruv.itesm.mx / portal / promocion / oe / m / ma /
Ellis UniversityUSMBA736Rolling-5n/an/a-[23]nn/a100100ynn/anAllwww.ellis.edu
Euro*MBA ConsortiumNetherlandsEuro*MBA722AACSB, Amba, Equis339880yn20100ynn/ayAllwww.euromba.org
George Washington UniversityUSHealth Care MBA1986AACSB52870variesy100100yynnNorth Americawww.mbahc.info /
George Washington UniversityUSThe World Executive MBAn/a[18]1AACSB1n/a[18]n/a-[23]variesy7676yynnAsia, Europe, North Americabusiness.gwu.edu / grad / wexmba /
Henley Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMBA by Distance Learning4,09320AACSB, Amba, Equis637074yn6570yyvariesyAllwww.henley.reading.ac.uk / management / mba / mgmt-distancelearningmba.asp
IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainInternational Executive MBA1973AACSB, Amba, Equis119572yyn/a[19]80ynn/ayAllixmba.ie.edu /
IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainGlobal MBA Online1612AACSB, Equis1.31.39870yyn/a[19]95ynn/ayAllwww.gmba-eng.ie.edu
Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMBA (Distance Learning)3601Amba, Equis, EFMD Cel43.38066yn90100ynn/ayAllwww.imperial.ac.uk / business-school / dlmba
Indiana University: KelleyUSKelley Direct Programs1,2402AACSB52.25967yy9595ynn/ayAllkd.iu.edu /
Isead Business SchoolSpainMBA993-31.27989yy10090yynyCaribbean, Europe, North America, South Americawww.isead.es
Isead Business SchoolSpainExecutive MBA744-31.29032yy10090yynyCaribbean, Europe, North America, South Americawww.isead.es
Kaplan UniversityUSMBA1,943Rolling-71.6n/a2.5yy100100ynn/anAllonline.kaplanuniversity.edu / business / Pages / MBA.aspx
Northeastern University: D'Amore-McKimUSOnline MBA6509AACSB52n/a4yy100100ynn/anAllonlinemba.neu.edu
Open University Business SchoolUKMBA5,5002AACSB, Amba, Equis1047045ynn/a[19]100yyynAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle Eastwww3.open.ac.uk / courses / bin / p12.dll?Q01F02
Open University Business SchoolUKMBA (Technology Management)4002AACSB, Amba, Equis1047045ynn/a[19]100yyynAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle Eastwww3.open.ac.uk / courses / bin / p12.dll?Q01F03
Open University Business SchoolUKMPA (Master of Public Administration)1502AACSB, Amba, Equis1047025ynn/a[19]100yyynAfrica, Europewww3.open.ac.uk / courses / bin / p12.dll?Q01F44
Open University Business SchoolUKMBA (Life Sciences)1002AACSB, Amba, Equis1047025ynn/a[19]100yyynEuropewww3.open.ac.uk / courses / bin / p12.dll?Q01F38
Oxford Brookes UniversityUKGlobal MBA3182Amba539861ynn/a[19]5ynn/avariesAllwww.business.brookes.ac.uk / mba / dl /
RDI - Resource Development InternationalUKUniversity of Wales MBA at RDI4814-4n/an/a62nn/a100100ynn/anAllwww.rdi.co.uk / mba
RMITAustraliaMBA (Executive)2173-6n/an/a10yn10090ynn/ayAfrica, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Europe, Middle East, North Americahttps: / /www.open.edu.au / wps / portal
Robert Kennedy CollegeSwitzerlandThe University of Wales MBA at Robert Kennedy College1,114Rolling-538592yy10095ynn/ayAllcollege.ch
Royal Holloway, University of LondonUKMBA in International Management6092Amba537887yn7090yyvariesvariesAllwww.londonexternal.ac.uk / mba /
SBS Swiss Business SchoolSwitzerlandMBA Program324Rolling-528285yy100100yynnAllwww.sbs.edu and www.sbsportal.ch / login / index.php
Swiss Management CenterSwitzerlandMBA891Rolling-429193yy100100variesyvariesvariesAfrica, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americawww.swissmc.ch
Syracuse University: WhitmanUSiMBA2503AACSB73753yy9090ynn/ayAllwww.whitman.syr.edu / MBA / iMBA
Thunderbird School of Global ManagementUSGlobal MBA for Latin American Managers3351AACSB529780yn7585yyyyNorth America, South Americawww.thunderbird.edu / prospective_students / working_prof_degrees / gmba_latam / index.htm
Thunderbird School of Global ManagementUSGlobal MBA - On Demand1622AACSB51.3n/a22yy10075ynn/ayAllwww.thunderbird.edu
Thunderbird School of Global ManagementUSMBA Dual Degree with Indiana University and Thunderbird511AACSB52.510010yy9075yyyyAfrica, Asia, Australia and Oceania, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americawww.thunderbird.edu / tbird-iukd
U21GlobalSingaporeMBA3,700RollingEFMD Cel52.59092yy100100ynn/anAllwww.u21global.edu.sg
University of Bradford School of ManagementUKDistance Learning MBA6334Amba, Equis639389yn350yynnAllwww.bradford.ac.uk / management / dlmba
University of Florida: HoughUSInternet 2-year MBA1801AACSB2.252.25900yy95100ynn/ayAllwww.floridamba.ufl.edu / FutureStudents / internettwoyear.asp
University of Florida: HoughUSInternet one-year MBA1091AACSB1.31.3900yy95100ynn/ayAllwww.floridamba.ufl.edu / FutureStudents / internetoneyear.asp
University of Liverpool Management SchoolUKMBA2,16212EFMD Cel62.58188.6nn100100ynn/anAllwww.uol.ohecampus.com
University of Maryland University CollegeUSMBA2,2724-52932.4yy50100yynnAllwww.umuc.edu / departments / bus-exc / mba / index.shtml
University of Maryland University CollegeUSExecutive MBA972-51.75885nn/a9090ynn/ayAllwww.umuc.edu / programs / grad / xmba
University of Nebraska-LincolnUSUNL Distance MBA1824AACSB103.5595[24]variesy90100ynn/anAllmba.unl.edu / distance
University of PhoenixUSMBA67,700Rolling-52.2653.4yy100100yynvariesAfrica, Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, North America, South Americawww.phoenix.edu / information / online-mba.aspx
University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKStrathclyde flexible learning MBA2502AACSB, Amba, Equis638030yn200yyyyAfrica, Asia, Europe, Middle East, North Americawww.strathclydemba.com
University of Surrey School of ManagementFeatured business schoolUKMBA88RollingAACSB, Amba2297-[23]yn50100yyvariesyAfrica, Caribbean, Europewww.som.surrey.ac.uk
University of Texas at Dallas: JindalUSGlobal MBA On-line2933AACSB63955yy100100ynn/anAllsom.utdallas.edu / onlinePrograms / globalMbaOnline /
Walden UniversityUSMBA1,8376-42.11003.2yy100100ynn/anAllwww.waldenu.edu / c / Schools / Schools_797.htm
Warwick Business SchoolUKMBA by Distance Learning1,7162AACSB, Amba, Equis53.58042yn50100ynn/ayAllwww.warwickmba.com
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Table notes42 of the top distance learning and online MBA providers. Schools are listed by the number of enrolled distance learning MBA students. This is not a comprehensive list.

1. The main location of the institution.

2. The number of particpants enrolled on the MBA programme between January 1 2008 and December 31 2008.

3. The number of class start dates each year. Rolling intake indicates that students can start the programme at any time.

4. Schools were asked to indicate whether their nominated programme is accredited by AACSB, Amba, Equis or EFMD Cel.

5. The maximum amount of time students have to complete the programme.

6. The average time taken by students to complete the programme.

7. The percentage of students that complete their MBA programme within 5 years of the start date.

8. Schools were asked whether students are required to take examinantions in order to complete the programme.
Y = yes, n = no, n/a = not applicable or not available

9. Schools were asked whether examinations are taken online as part of the programme.
y = yes, n = no, n/a = not applicable or not available.

10. The percentage of teaching material related to the programme delivered online.

11. Schools were asked whether programme includes working with other participants online.
y = yes, n = no, n/a = not applicable or not available.

12. Schools were asked whether they have local study centres for those participating in online programmes.
y = yes, n = no, n/a = not applicable or not available.

13. Schools were asked whether participants were required to study at a local study centre as part of the programme.
y = yes, n = no, n/a = not applicable or not available.

14. Schools were asked whether participants are required to study at the school campus as part of the programme.
y = yes, n = no, n/a = not applicable or not available.

15. Regions where online participants can access the programme website and recieve help/support.

16. The programme website.

17. Mid point of the range provided by the school (80 - 100)

18. New programme

19. varies

20. No limit

21. No coursework

22. Mid-pont of range provided by school (2.5 to 3.5)

23. n/a

24. less than 5

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