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Global MBA Rankings 2000

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Current rank14
Total score570.6
Alumni career progress
Salary today (US$)20,481153,796
Weighted salary (US$)31,093151,437
Salary percentage increase39198
Value for money ratio2.6
Value for money rank33
Career progress index50
Career progress rank15
Aims achieved rank73
Aims achieved (%)34
Placement success index58
Placement success rank19
Employed at three months (%)199
Alumni recommend rank7
Women faculty (%)217
Women students (%)027
Women on board (%)17
International faculty (%)126
International students (%)037
International board (%)4
International mobility index36
International mobility rank34
International experience index7
International experience rank53
Idea generation
Faculty with doctorates (%)0100
FT doctoral rating83
FT doctoral rank19
FT research rating95
FT research rank102

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