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EMBA Rankings 2010

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Rankings at a glance
Current rank48
Rank 2009-
Rank 200845
3 year average-
Programme nameEMBA
Career progress
Salary today (US$)209,554
Salary increase (%)22
Career progress rank97
Work experience rank3
Aims achieved rank16
School diversity
Women faculty (%)31
Women students (%)18
Women board (%)31
International faculty (%)75
International students rank29
International board (%)6
International course experience rank15
Idea generation
Faculty with doctorates (%)100
FT doctoral rank79
FT research rank50

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At Melbourne Business School we go beyond the traditional MBA curriculum to equip you with the resilience, agilty of thought and knowledge required to thrive in today's complex, ever-changing business world. It's everything you need to master tomorrow, whatever it may bring.

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Alumni profile

Please note that these statistics are based on the data supplied by those alumni who responded to the survey. Class of 2007.

Strengths and weaknesses

Alumni ratings for different aspects of the programme (average), where 1 = poor and 10 = excellent

International Mobility

Alumni who moved countries following their programme (per cent)

Importance of aims when taking an EMBA

Alumni importance ratings for different programme aims (average), 1 = not important, 10 = very important

Aims achieved by taking the EMBA

Achievement of programme aims (per cent)

Current job title

Alumni job titles three years after graduation (per cent)

Current company size (employees)

Size of company of employment three years after graduation (per cent)

Current sector

Sector of employment three years after graduation (per cent)