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Masters in management 2006

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Current rank
Rank '05
School name
Prog. name
Salary today (US$)[1]
Weighted sal. ($)[2]
Salary today (€)[3]
Weighted sal. (€)[4]
Aims achieved[7]
Wom. faculty[10]
Wom. students[11]
Wom. board[12]
Intl. faculty[13]
Intl. students[14]
Intl. board[15]
Intl. mobility[16]
Intl. course[17]
PhD faculty[19]
Prog. length[21]
101HEC ParisFeatured business schoolFranceMaster of Science in Management73,2226,75068,8077,86262,52458,740818882285[25]22013907330120131964289615,35018499-100
213Cems Global AllianceSee footnote *MIM (Master in International Management)58,2472,05557,6283,15749,76749,2281208323592[26]1233243825897838729929232656012547YES100
312ESCP Business SchoolFeatured business schoolFrance, U.K., Italy , GermanyMaster in Management (Grande Ecole programme)58,1193,95958,4793,61549,64149,951217797594[27]92614937037147473032277214,80024676-100
448Grenoble Ecole de ManagementFranceMaster in International Business55,4726,98655,4726,98647,35047,35016174122584[28]443651824742489231012115519,9302479-70
549EMLyon Business SchoolFeatured business schoolFranceMSc in Management50,5344,86151,0384,10643,14943,587285801687[29]128353213027019763081285415,40024476-100
617Essec Business SchoolFranceMasters in Strategy & Management of International Business52,87695652,78886845,18645,1112467711093[30]8200316123346226124512188213,30014112-100
7512Edhec Business SchoolFeatured business schoolFranceMaster in Management (Grande Ecole programme)48,2742,70249,3791,28241,23742,1942937611289[31]4282525200293187700106268816,10024655-100
844London School of Economics and Political ScienceU.K.MSc Management59,0905,29059,0905,29050,45850,458153380628n/a[32]02394219202085689520204220100722,5001272-14
8715Stockholm School of EconomicsSwedenMSc in Economics53,9589,63254,8879,20346,03246,8303108541186[33]52044012211642811311171983040315-5
10616Audencia Business SchoolFranceMaster in Management (Grande Ecole programme)46,8094,05147,4263,28639,97240,507272753885[31]1223158300388922001511378212,80024495-100
1156Esade Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainMaster in Management44,95055742,8352,18038,42536,63214147411189[34]328755811221725047822181017428,52510221YES84
12-Vlerick Business SchoolBelgiumMaster in General Management52,60952,60944,49244,492511753494[35]37372317201003090988,5001070-100
13720Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolNetherlandsMSc in Management43,1791,60344,97441136,89138,44412287112093[36]11203871815265373363235210092,2501876YES89
14113Solvay Brussels School of Economics and ManagementBelgiumMaster of Science in Management47,2893,70247,2893,70240,38640,38610267313100[35]42013644030612184201328021,50024152YES4
15-Louvain School of ManagementBelgiumMaster in Management Science45,86145,74539,50639,506174762186[37]183001571021721002,2773688YES100
15-Rouen Business SchoolFranceMaster in Management (Grande Ecole programme)46,71346,71338,78538,68732876488[25]43531325147121426015,00024379-100
17710University of CologneGermanyMaster in Management / Economics57,4082,06357,2982,17349,08748,99422275617n/a[32]9225141200701560017151641048950YES80
18414Copenhagen Business SchoolFeatured business schoolDenmarkMSc in Economics & Business Administration / Business, Language & Culture49,0222,42350,8473,94941,92243,4964217533191[38]29291452318132222150162008380241,015YES9
19-Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolU.K.MA in Management51,13851,13843,24843,248725731987[39]1942957654113340919,8141243-0
20155University of Bradford School of ManagementU.K.Masters in Management42,61111,59442,61111,59436,52536,52525137031692[40]839244132022909601314733073015,37012186-0
21219NHH Norwegian School of EconomicsNorwayMSc in Economics & Business Administration48,0411,06148,4661,36541,07141,4376297631598[41]6161436550142189002818189020022210YES11
22-Nottingham University Business SchoolU.K.MSc International Business47,00747,00739,75539,755132781783[42]27473834701319350799,8471247-0
23-ESC LilleFranceInternational Master in Management - IMiM (Grande Ecole programme)41,20741,20734,84934,8492617681374[43]424963686982406,9503680-100
24420Aalto UniversityFinlandMaster of Science in Economics and Business Administration44,52042246,2031,69438,04839,5069247422396[44]103424413827141003524273213045436-0
25223Corvinus University of BudapestHungaryMaster of Sciences in Business Administration38,79556740,3144,08333,15434,49520168002772[45]1541256200322625342322618202,09220754YES0
26-Lancaster University Management SchoolU.K.MSc in Management43,74743,74736,99836,9981931792477[39]23504431884414290889,4211276-28
271017University of Bath School of ManagementU.K.MSc in Management39,51139739,51139733,77433,77422327672994[46]8271604190352812140222509528,69712144-0
28424Nyenrode Business UniversiteitNetherlandsMaster of Science in Management44,3131,85646,8571,92337,85940,06735127731459[47]9244250002928055143330079323,70016115-100
28-Reims Management SchoolFranceMaster of Science in Management Sup de Co43,28143,64936,60336,914331567992[48]455574170311615314,90024439-100
30-Toulouse Business School (TBS)FranceMasters in Management46,59746,49233,93233,701349612297[49]365117251617241926814,95021563-100
301218University College Dublin: SmurfitIrelandMaster of Business Studies44,7362,99244,7362,99238,26438,26418356962698[50]22404511422931295522932191010,5351167-0
30822WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)AustriaDegree Programme in Business Administration40,1224,91139,8495,18439,81439,7251123681132n/a[32]03624832001762112002723154121,454481,524YES95
33825University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolU.K.MSc in Business & Management38,6616,91738,6616,91732,98332,98330197973392[51]4360201745017095135502531061016,5801275-0
34-BI Norwegian Business SchoolNorwayMSc in Business and Economics / Business45,22045,01738,24338,0713130723092[52]2044561780342705714,00024424YES0
35-SGH Warsaw School of EconomicsPolandFinance and Banking38,40338,13732,47832,25323348018n/a[32]4837714212628149027498-30
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1. An average of salaries three years after graduation. The figure shown is in US Dollars. It is NOT used in the ranking.

2. The ‘salary today’ figure adjusted for salary variations between industry sectors. The figure shown is in US Dollars.

3. An average of salaries three years after graduation. The figure shown is in Euros. It is NOT used in the ranking.

4. The 'salary today' figure adjusted for salary variations between industry sectors. The figure shown is in Euros.

5. The rank is calculated using alumni salaries three years after graduation and course costs. The length of the course is also taken into consideration.

6. The career status of alumni three years after graduation. Progression is measured according to level of seniority and the size of company in which they are employed.

7. The extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or reasons for doing a Masters in Management. This is measured as a percentage of total returns for a school.

8. Alumni who used the careers service at their business school were asked to rank its effectiveness in their job search.

9. The percentage of the most recent graduating class that were in employment three months after graduation. The figure in brackets shows the percentage of the class for which the school was able to provide employment data.

10. Percentage of female faculty.

11. Percentage of female students.

12. Percentage of female members of the advisory board.

13. Percentage of faculty whose citizenship differs from their country of employment.

14. Percentage of students whose citizenship differs from the country in which they are studying.

15. Percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the country in which the business school is based.

16. A measure based on changes in the country of employment of alumni between graduation and today.

17. Weighted average of four criteria that measure international exposure during the Masters programme.

18. Number of additional languages required on graduation from the Masters programme.

19. Percentage of faculty with a doctoral degree.

20. The minimum programme fees in Euros. This includes all fees required to complete the programme but for the Masters portion only.

21. The length of the Masters programme.
These data are for information only and are not used in the rankings.

22. The number of students who enrolled on the first year of the Masters programme in the past year (September 1, 2008 - September 1, 2009).

23. Indicates whether an undergraduate degree in management, business or economics is required to enter the Masters programme.

24. The percentage of the last graduating class that completed company internships as part of the Masters programme.
These data are for information only and are not used in the rankings.

25. (79)

26. (40)

27. (73)

28. (49)

29. (62)

30. (65)

31. (70)

32. n/a

33. (45)

34. (98)

35. (100)

36. (60)

37. (67)

38. (93)

39. (42)

40. (26)

41. (32)

42. (59)

43. (88)

44. (89)

45. (82)

46. (28)

47. (48)

48. (33)

49. (56)

50. (77)

51. (69)

52. (58)

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