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Masters in Finance Pre-experience 2020

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Rank in 2020
Rank in 2018
Two-year average
School name
Salary today (US$)[1]
Sal inc (%)
Career progress rank
Aims achieved[3]
Careers service rank
Female faculty (%)
Female students (%)
Women on board (%)
Intl. faculty[5]
Intl. students[6]
Intl. board[7]
Intl. mobility[8]
Intl. course[9]
PhD Faculty[10]
Prog. length
Overall satisfaction
111HEC ParisFeatured business schoolFrance149,75013,877941290189312297 (97)2223231422972282583161053110001009329.44
222ESCP Business SchoolFeatured business schoolFR / UK / GE / SP / IT / PL125,60314,262557716598610100 (95)03802036733835541782223100100113010009.94
344Skema Business SchoolFR / BR / CHN / SA / US103,78916,0258481135393636100 (100)044143342967197846795520097512010009.71
455Essec Business SchoolFrance114,0264,1096061649392312197 (83)036234105719582558791031471100112110009.39
534Edhec Business SchoolFeatured business schoolFrance97,3317,221551026534891108100 (93)33283814326297178716431198712310009.45
666University of St GallenSwitzerland116,2564,2985833084902114100 (83)0204288331794602563234631100026379139.31
788SDA Bocconi/Università BocconiFeatured business schoolItaly114,6394,32369323017190472100 (82)03912822913953911684215104199124310009.37
878MIT: SloanUS142,8761,9884617413542892501194 (100)42434252104349124517045140100113042189
999Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK98,7877,185430374142389315190 (92)5273361443096190279886244110001403679.07
101211University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolUK111,0051,6024233414488919298 (88)1723448641169998266194322010009015159.3
111312Warwick Business SchoolUK80,2245,9768974244185319896 (97)1439464337780965222344391111000140229.14
121112IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain93,266277667391291489226897 (97)6400238503705850966102304010021001149.3
131012Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at SJTUChina139,47219,476825136492286814498 (100)21964062135511542135452521100022010008.77
142118Nova School of Business and EconomicsPortugal77,8468,07955415513087440094 (100)6350398621230070179217161275210001826829.03
151515Tsinghua University School of Economics and ManagementFeatured business schoolChina146,56221,79252171013718641711100 (100)0333334616030108715537276197124110009
161616Grenoble Ecole de ManagementFrance86,7786,1506811282318851381778 (60)44743615305158137301711116090120090158.87
171818Peking University: GuanghuaChina131,90210,8265971412848544299 (100)12924415012312082056641809922209619.44
181416Esade Business SchoolSpain93,4752,9052715313399891271596 (90)0371225503045585129313411521100712040238.89
191819Stockholm School of EconomicsSweden / Russia / Latvia89,786879518414719904351290 (99)826030137538559113251114191009842406529.23
201719Kozminski UniversityFeatured business schoolPoland74,94614,7277212214155873251894 (91)03914410150172605620144312208812404939.05
212523Neoma Business SchoolFrance65,69147540131711919066296 (90)342331350072844675131211600100314010008.92
22--WHU – Otto Beisheim School of ManagementGermany103,076351946841890 (94)2737123663122490100211009.35
232625Vlerick Business SchoolBelgium78,2897,5574321242388818996 (94)2291291360393401435425281198310010009.16
242022City, University of London, The Business School (formerly Cass)Featured business schoolUK72,8666,2444214496301184228397 (82)1831640150074392157020218409411301438.92
252224Eada Business School BarcelonaFeatured business schoolSpain84,0531,841351232232486041498 (90)13793362905339432942871481901211010009.32
262325Católica Lisbon School of Business and EconomicsPortugal71,4797,78547825216988142797 (100)94711351025640359193016333207210051906878.88
27--Trinity College Dublin, Trinity Business SchoolIreland58,956723036893383 (80)50573558893535510971208.94
273330EMLyon Business SchoolFrance82,4358,7095417181452184021494 (44)3384291638255439128562710136099313010009.25
292427Rennes School of BusinessFrance66,1296764622207486349483 (85)132441245589163091532617235092222510008.65
304940CUHK Business SchoolChina80,9213,44049154501168965998 (94)031760191514511766522556261809901205059.34
31--ISEG – Lisbon School of Economics and ManagementPortugal53,400948108044100 (99)393656113210049221941688.69
323132Frankfurt School of Finance and ManagementGermany92,3822,72329333441288420489 (82)8193242201283495302375172110022302078.91
33--Universidad Carlos III de MadridSpain61,380532012865485 (61)46380334501544010011448.73
342831HEC Lausanne, University of LausanneSwitzerland79,07320331010341878253870 (47)52502761712831481717262217296010002409388.85
353435Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolNetherlands74,1284,2123936438385451589 (77)1728425226755048021101314370098215036138.46
364139Henley Business SchoolUK59,0803,0895064832410835292876 (63)047254123825959453824582821093512114148.81
373737University of Edinburgh Business SchoolUK66,791681427444481812471575 (69)164015212444686941501041104240950120118.51
383939Lund University School of Economics and Management (Lusem)Sweden60,5783,6104762235985239674 (70)103323912902210614210323402087190548.78
395447University of Bath School of ManagementUK54,08410,4156144715221177130179 (84)23715222358684909614391349609911201398.59
404543Singapore Management University: Lee Kong ChianSingapore64,2252,3955405202517816321160 (87)2253544337620940530423351309801201048.72
413639University College Dublin: SmurfitIreland54,5883,73252227227590843898 (71)163232783013911561855130138109911304858.82
424041Bentley UniversityUS92,5394,59050040753289103717100 (40)1037335144213161371500407482507461462318.8
432936Lancaster University Management SchoolUK56,94010,96057313874322812341491 (25)73645324245709242654304660950120009.08
444243University of Rochester: SimonUS85,5001,385498534183085156476 (91)10203555743639752031817500074516015158.23
453038University of Maryland: SmithUS76,3617,186392553554914161041 (72)30345494320325562197381851108612165889.42
463541Brandeis International Business SchoolUS85,8262,2373717544501581355467 (84)273755422523727316212360334086121061108.13
473843Università della Svizzera italianaSwitzerland61,7794,721618247210764461997 (74)01632652016918182022192316010003027928.6
484446University of Texas at Austin: McCombsUS87,5005,100241436256690423482 (100)142314291813133510105175110840100008.88
495150Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK51,3163,329456512268845221494 (61)5341754401971795480235243600992120019.3
50--Tilburg University, School of Economics and ManagementNetherlands57,69445542844887 (79)27212553240463409211428.44
516257University of Exeter Business SchoolUK55,7294,28737143102031841036877 (94)64004012191482761429250152150701212041418.62
525554University of Strathclyde Business SchoolUK48,576498461135140179052692 (71)3351482332426977252229155110812120928.44
535353University of Utah: David EcclesUS74,3751,80341829551287324289 (89)353212532972812489247947607961243899.22
545153Ohio State University: FisherUS76,7454,5174375085211850311No data8731743326112208317403115511067490008.53
555756Nottingham University Business SchoolUK44,2652,015346469212381045176 (38)0393662573256159651414444511010015140008.64
555857University of Glasgow: Adam SmithUK43,5441,526387564337810131085 (22)441353343167079647248154370873120009.21
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Table notesFootnotes *Data in these columns are for information only and are not used in the rankings. Some 222 points separate the top school from the schools ranked number 55. The schools are divided into three groups, indicated by bold lines. The difference in score between schools ranked consecutively is greater within groups one and two than in group three. The top 7 schools, from HEC Paris to Università Bocconi form the elite group of providers of masters in finance programmes. The second group spans 23 places from MIT: Sloan to CUHK Business School. The third group of 26 schools is headed by ISEG - Lisbon School of Economics and Management.

1. An average of salaries three years after graduation. The figure shown is in US Dollars, based on purchasing power parity equivalency.

2. The rank is calculated using alumni salaries three years after graduation and course costs. The length of the course is also taken into consideration.

3. The extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or reasons for doing a Masters in Finance. This is measured as a percentage of total returns for a school.

4. The percentage of the most recent graduating class that were in employment three months after graduation. The figure in brackets shows the percentage of the class for which the school was able to provide employment data.

5. Percentage of faculty whose citizenship differs from their country of employment.

6. Percentage of students whose citizenship differs from the country in which they are studying.

7. Percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the country in which the business school is based.

8. A measure based on changes in the country of employment of alumni between graduation and today.

9. Weighted average of four criteria that measure international exposure during the Masters programme.

10. Percentage of faculty with a doctoral degree.

11. The percentage of the last graduating class that completed company internships as part of the Masters programme.

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