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Post-experience Masters in Finance 2017

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Masters in Finance Pre-experience 2017

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3-year average
School name
Programme name
Salary today (US$)[1]
Sal inc (%)
Career progress rank
Aims achieved[3]
Careers service rank
Female faculty (%)
Female students (%)
Women on board (%)
Intl. faculty[5]
Intl. students[6]
Intl. board[7]
Intl. mobility[8]
Intl. course[9]
PhD Faculty[11]
Prog. length
14841Edhec Business SchoolFeatured business schoolEdhec MSc in Financial MarketsFrance105,45521,2757919988711997 (80)139328174274766568421122109012051000
21110HEC ParisFeatured business schoolMSC International Finance (MIF)France118,47622,2164815735911399 (96)1190286130712901670211231010001001000
37651Essec Business SchoolMaster in FinanceFrance / Singapore107,43528,4146411998821396 (87)23112843828552521862124171109901301000
42331ESCP Business SchoolFeatured business schoolAdvanced Master in FinanceFR / UK / DE / ES / IT101,81516,0093912078902100 (97)338332230176350145246364109821301000
55552MIT: SloanSloan Masters of FinanceUS143,65426,259784715538913377 (100)718340514140190148293316009911312020
610672Skema Business SchoolMSc Financial Markets and InvestmentsFrance89,74820,5657313218609100 (97)04073703904447436705232108011201000
79981SDA Bocconi/Università BocconiFeatured business schoolMaster of Science in FinanceItaly113,55224,86075167188501100 (39)03923132383553767388492109722801000
83451IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolMaster in FinanceSpain105,5139,43780411569212996 (87)23801744606208438403025510980100179
91615132Warwick Business SchoolWarwick MSc in FinanceUK93,86825,682104331148212495 (92)23314514301079194520025347010100014000
1081091University of St GallenHSG MA in Banking and FinanceSwitzerland104,03615,13442631586116100 (91)0161190380800641500148571010002968616
111114121University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolMSc Financial EconomicsUK115,30224,17254302388721882 (89)31704294314591963571413326120010009000
121311121Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolMSc in FinanceUK91,56916,813554811198411091 (95)63124012404942955673161193001000140496
136274Esade Business SchoolMSc in FinanceSpain93,83712,5705220216872895 (93)33721553283919118427113610920120309
1428--Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at SJTUMaster of FinanceChina111,71831,50085751168011100 (95)02814511804461431805232041110002201000
151818172Kozminski UniversityFeatured business schoolMaster in FinancePoland88,9888,59510929182901692 (87)340753215517516162253211310880240492
161612151Stockholm School of EconomicsMaster in FinanceSweden99,46518,1116834238704396 (89)227232103520351603262623217200990222662
171516161Peking University: GuanghuaMaster of FinanceChina122,31028,73867178407955100 (100)0292467501025982058434610961220971
18---Tsinghua University School of Economics and ManagementFeatured business schoolMaster of FinanceChina119,962691437764100 (100)3736872669552819724100
191419170Nova School of Business and EconomicsInternational Masters in FinancePortugal66,46710,09458910248123595 (99)3352263290332669290261012201000200715
202620221City, University of London, The Business School (formerly Cass)Featured business schoolMSc in FinanceUK75,63014,98872426308623877 (92)1325241050472294250434152920095013041
211212153Grenoble Ecole de ManagementMSc in FinanceFrance / UK / Singapore72,4958,56336285208215597 (72)143129175364618535361244300841213831
222729263Brandeis International Business SchoolMA in International Economics and FinanceUS94,62620,39276469588414676 (85)213836792223569292262210247008512438216
231924221Eada Business School BarcelonaFeatured business schoolInternational Master in FinanceSpain73,8554,3875443133688132100 (85)103412523815509783851701071069211010060
2424--EMLyon Business SchoolMSc in FinanceFrance77,8816838225108422789 (90)334318633224713288904016152109521301000
25---Université Paris-DauphineMaster of FinanceFrance72,091401227744n/a414262212175282719424100
26---Católica Lisbon School of Business and EconomicsMSc in FinancePortugal61,921553127822295 (100)36272443242429142951977
273040323Lancaster University Management SchoolMSc in FinanceUK68,74313,520902316417793777 (45)931057958205409644283224170095112000
282021233Frankfurt School of Finance and ManagementMaster of FinanceGermany93,75212,98036354328312094 (85)1182242213233471322042221510980221271
292522253Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolMSc in Finance and ManagementUK76,94012,111443894885252100 (66)5311396192649885336274473019511314332
302125252HEC Lausanne, University of LausanneMSc in FinanceSwitzerland77,0104,35343211271106086 (78)523228322280062444639122211010002408124
302326262Vlerick Business SchoolMasters in Financial ManagementBelgium65,4572,896461844385223100 (93)5290205125329316415130482109511011000
3245--Rennes School of BusinessMSc in International FinanceFrance64,6398,00044250177755472 (94)193304117600905661140103111162118751701000
334032351Henley Business SchoolMSc International Securities, Investment and BankingUK68,10619,46353394138145190 (62)54705203604919902903804610088011100
34-17-Boston College: CarrollCarroll MSc in FinanceUS107,648323755851550 (100)35498137905638081126
353830340University of Edinburgh Business SchoolMSc in Finance and InvestmentUK64,0988,72853454347913185 (61)441244239462495239248153600093212076
362223274Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolMSc in Finance and InvestmentsNetherlands69,6863,98444105318325368 (83)13222251268523544302154359001000141105
363436350University College Dublin: SmurfitMSc in FinanceIreland56,9363,123473413268104595 (69)23833352215006165692024080010001313011
38---University of Maryland: SmithMasters of FinanceUS84,692445654774269 (55)2858213597131047098210
39323836Lund University School of Economics and Management (Lusem)Master in FinanceSweden52,7941,6984042218122685 (74)536740227329265102022413213008629055
40---Iscte Business SchoolMSc in FinancePortugal42,51273245791295 (54)474550939784623098230
4130--Neoma Business SchoolMSc in International FinanceFrance62,0261,30720273397752586 (84)84511314577561427577112180108911401000
423533375Illinois Institute of Technology: StuartMSc in FinanceUS83,7896,93758544497745983 (68)6271395211321876122182470008932101818
433930372University of Rochester: SimonMSc in FinanceUS81,9818,56369531527964980 (85)220349411133290216136147400774140153
44423440Singapore Management University: Lee Kong ChianMSc in Applied FinanceSingapore66,1901,921525211447533952 (88)8220621243660977536217470009501201118
453527366Washington University: OlinMSc in FinanceUS88,75011,04528514608143686 (91)3222351311237058151037343130095015000
46---HEC MontrealMSc in FinanceCanada76,473635568850100 (13)3428944445945470792781
46---University of Texas at Austin: McCombsMcCombs MSc in FinanceUS96,140464051764082 (98)252514281725147085100
483328365University of Strathclyde Business SchoolStrathclyde MSc in FinanceUK51,457753324417457754896 (81)136146335049397047033447220081112061
494337436Tulane University: FreemanMaster of FinanceUS71,5925,933425711338012847 (16)213205231403539612175004700088215000
495047493University of Bath School of ManagementMSc in Accounting and FinanceUK40,7357,2396259637553097 (73)331280229262399229247437400100212099
514035428Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolMSc in FinanceUK55,7221,035414915297734796 (66)10373758201965097153144173340091712110
5254--University of Utah: David EcclesMSc in FinanceUS86,3557,781343210478081481 (100)1129125513223133471496470008712215221
53---CUHK Business SchoolMSc in FinanceChina71,5332150147421100 (90)2475295514357450981254
54-46-Leeds University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolMSc in Accounting and FinanceUK37,7841065528794186 (69)408162439823444708614100
5545--Ohio State University: FisherSpecialized Master in FinanceUS80,5253,95529369597343449 (98)126146217027172140432443008129000
5652--Lingnan (University) College at Sun Yat-sen UniversityMSc in FinanceChina60,1745,541362184270517100 (100)026356724331021511607423109712401001
57---Fordham University: GabelliMSc in Global FinanceUS65,668395846655746 (83)3364243198619470861647
584944505Tilburg University, School of Economics and ManagementMaster in FinanceNetherlands55,6444,0563184257455873 (57)3019126440041134200351039600837160814
594841496University of Glasgow: Adam SmithMSc in International FinanceUK35,1643,455326018508247100 (3)040056030236009161010591147000731312000
605149535Universidad Adolfo IbanezMSc in FinanceChile47,5092,829482610576575689 (80)72122311812456416931547307007521411000
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Table notesSome 200 points separate the top programmes, Edhec Business School, from the school ranked number 60. The top 9 participants, from Edhec to Warwick Business School, form the top group of pre-experience Masters in Finance providers. The second group is headed by the University of St Gallen and spans schools ranked from 10 to 23, a range of some 55 points in total. The third goup is headed by EMLyon Business School and include schools ranked from 24 to 46. The remaining 13 schools headed by the University of Strathclyde Business School make up the fourth group.

1. An average of salaries three years after graduation. The figure shown is in US Dollars, based on purchasing power parity equivalency.

2. The rank is calculated using alumni salaries three years after graduation and course costs. The length of the course is also taken into consideration.

3. The extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or reasons for doing a Masters in Finance. This is measured as a percentage of total returns for a school.

4. The percentage of the most recent graduating class that were in employment three months after graduation. The figure in brackets shows the percentage of the class for which the school was able to provide employment data.

5. Percentage of faculty whose citizenship differs from their country of employment.

6. Percentage of students whose citizenship differs from the country in which they are studying.

7. Percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the country in which the business school is based.

8. A measure based on changes in the country of employment of alumni between graduation and today.

9. Weighted average of four criteria that measure international exposure during the Masters programme.

10. Number of additional languages required on graduation from the Masters programme.

11. Percentage of faculty with a doctoral degree.

12. The percentage of the last graduating class that completed company internships as part of the Masters programme.

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