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Post-experience Masters in Finance

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Masters in Finance Pre-experience 2016

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3-year average
School name
Programme name
Salary today (US$)[1]
Aims achieved[4]
Female faculty (%)[7]
Female students (%)[8]
Women on board (%)
Intl. faculty[9]
Intl. students[10]
Intl. board[11]
Intl. mobility[12]
Intl. course[13]
PhD Faculty[15]
Prog. length
1111HEC ParisFeatured business schoolMSc in International FinanceFrance96,2608692898 (74)19221369896719110010100
2384ESCP Business SchoolFeatured business schoolAdvanced Master in FinanceFrance / UK / Germany / Spain / Italy85,806121689197 (94)3530297336489219613100
3454IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolMaster in FinanceSpain96,076265932398 (88)3813466287843201981026
4835Edhec Business SchoolFeatured business schoolEDHEC MSc in Financial MarketsFrance84,1801021881096 (77)3645354159822418915100
55107MIT: SloanSloan Master of FinanceUS117,3953217902984 (100)21451339914612370100120
6223Esade Business SchoolMSc in FinanceSpain81,26718189692 (95)352024409082671921239
7646Essec Business SchoolAdvanced Master In Financial TechniquesFrance / Singapore79,02120890994 (86)3224105334505619913100
81068University of St GallenHSG MA in Banking and FinanceSwitzerland88,902398714100 (81)151938806350221211003570
9989SDA Bocconi/Università BocconiFeatured business schoolMSc in FinanceItaly88,6922313852100 (34)37281530316541119528100
106109Skema Business SchoolMSc Financial Markets and InvestmentsFrance69,18315288616100 (94)4737394077677518112100
1114711University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolMSc Financial EconomicsUK91,1302835891385 (81)1751575899711038010090
12121212Grenoble Ecole de ManagementMSc FinanceFrance / UK / Singapore63,9323324835196 (75)444659478859810832484
13111613Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolMSc in FinanceUK74,7563733851297 (95)292836929064152201001443
14191917Nova School of Business and EconomicsInternational Master in FinancePortugal56,3731938832192 (97)37232935752916321002076
15161315Peking University: GuanghuaMaster of FinanceChina93,57297844100 (100)2739512148254281952296
16121314Stockholm School of EconomicsMSc in FinanceSweden81,354734872294 (78)2522153457021150992064
16151515Warwick Business SchoolWarwick MSc in FinanceUK68,1864411812693 (83)32592078892028471100140
18182119Kozminski UniversityFeatured business schoolMaster in FinancePoland80,393113689595 (87)3351202217605181882447
19242623Eada Business School BarcelonaFeatured business schoolInternational Master in FinanceSpain69,468302874490 (84)35233955894317171711140
20212020Frankfurt School of Finance and ManagementMaster of FinanceGermany80,772313841595 (87)16262420481244161982326
21252323HEC Lausanne, University of LausanneMSc in FinanceSwitzerland72,657137814981 (80)252520806650272111002457
22232523Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolMSc Finance and InvestmentsNetherlands65,702514854781 (74)242634495832112601001315
23262424Vlerick Business SchoolMaster in Financial ManagementBelgium62,5611419831895 (91)292517233792261019411100
24---EMLyon Business SchoolMSc FinanceFrance77,9491745822586 (85)312411462489241319713100
25221822Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolMSc in Finance and ManagementUK64,8292910833995 (62)32331755933923441941211
26201721City, University of London, The Business School (formerly Cass)Featured business schoolMSc in FinanceUK60,6423630884264 (89)2741467096541927095133
27293129Brandeis International Business SchoolMaster of Arts in International Economics and FinanceUS74,2345522833155 (96)35582029832832310842166
28---Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at SJTUMaster of FinanceChina80,2182546811100 (100)2946185017184924010022100
2945--HKU Business SchoolMaster of FinanceChina74,8303831801790 (79)28522033104052390961219
30---Neoma Business SchoolMSc in International FinanceFrance60,7192451723894 (92)442750574950131818814100
30403535Lancaster University Management SchoolMSc in FinanceUK55,2233932862468 (47)31663854100503034094120
3238--Lund University School of Economics and Management (Lusem)MSc in FinanceSweden51,096623833390 (55)293824277518251908890
33283331University of Strathclyde Business SchoolStrathclyde MSc in FinanceUK52,2102739823795 (78)3749354697472925080125
34363635University College Dublin: SmurfitMSc FinanceIreland53,8132152814197 (69)353821506747183201001241
35272930Washington University: OlinMSc in FinanceUS77,7054749854589 (92)244813377314030095150
35332732Illinois Institute of Technology: StuartMSc in FinanceUS76,8525018735477 (41)2634203393102047092210
3739--Queen Mary, University of LondonMSc Investment and FinanceUK52,3684012762769 (42)274220898804635098120
38303334University of Edinburgh Business SchoolMSc in Finance and InvestmentUK55,3704941804089 (59)3942355897413336091121
39303735University of Rochester: SimonMSc in FinanceUS73,4185427854382 (84)17531031921537430811412
40323134Henley Business SchoolMSc International Securities, Investment and BankingUK48,6434326773295 (61)4752364899293847088100
40352834Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolMSc FinanceUK54,6873444804886 (70)3467396596393429098131
4234--Singapore Management University: Lee Kong ChianMSc in Applied FinanceSingapore64,26927,207413942724343260 (29)29220611321066090747014104745009501202945
43373037Tulane University: FreemanMaster of FinanceUS65,659464793626 (42)3255143895285047086150
44-40-QUT Business SchoolMaster of Business (Applied Finance)Australia48,9813525763n/a51342731871331400911914
45---Rennes School of BusinessMSc in International FinanceFrance56,6392547725291 (76)335860857730421408217100
45---Ohio State University: FisherSpecialized Master in FinanceUS76,5704540773550 (100)25481728714414708390
47423842Nottingham University Business SchoolMSc Finance and InvestmentUK41,2104846782883 (85)40508428783542089140
48413943University of Glasgow: Adam SmithMSc in International FinanceUK38,6194220787100 (6)40567609704847086120
49444345Tilburg University, School of Economics and ManagementMaster in FinanceNetherlands51,588429795343 (63)2030404036045330901622
50474246University of Bath School of ManagementMSc in Accounting and FinanceUK33,4965348801994 (75)3378316597314341098120
51494448Universidad Adolfo IbanezMSc in FinanceChile50,3381615723082 (76)192230392040472307315100
52---Lingnan (University) College at Sun Yat-sen UniversityMSc in FinanceChina54,63313536520100 (100)236321222653451962499
5348--Aston Business SchoolMSc in Investment AnalysisUK36,9065143784682 (25)3646214185293647074120
54---University of Utah: David EcclesMSc in FinanceUS78,5742255725070 (100)2820152429655470751621
55---University of Liverpool Management SchoolMSc in FinanceUK31,8445250655571 (60)3750304298103946089120
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Table notesAlthough the headline ranking figures show the relative position of each institution, the pattern of clustering among the schools is equally significant. Some 195 points separate the top programmes, HEC Paris, from the school ranked number 55. The top 10 participants, from HEC Paris to Skema Business School, form the top group of pre-experience Masters in Finance providers. The second group is headed by Said Business School and spans schools ranked from 11 to 26, a range of some 45 points in total. The third group is headed by Brandeis University International Business School and include schools ranked from 27 and 45. The remaining 9 schools headed by Nottingham University Business School make up the fourth group.

1. An average of salaries three years after graduation. The figure shown is in US Dollars, based on purchasing power parity equivalency.

2. The rank is calculated using alumni salaries three years after graduation and course costs. The length of the course is also taken into consideration.

3. The career status of alumni three years after graduation. Progression is measured according to level of seniority and the size of company in which they are employed.

4. The extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or reasons for doing a Masters in Finance. This is measured as a percentage of total returns for a school.

5. Alumni who used the careers service at their business school were asked to rank its effectiveness in their job search.

6. The percentage of the most recent graduating class that were in employment three months after graduation. The figure in brackets shows the percentage of the class for which the school was able to provide employment data.

7. Percentage of female faculty.

8. Percentage of female students.

9. Percentage of faculty whose citizenship differs from their country of employment.

10. Percentage of students whose citizenship differs from the country in which they are studying.

11. Percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the country in which the business school is based.

12. A measure based on changes in the country of employment of alumni between graduation and today.

13. Weighted average of four criteria that measure international exposure during the Masters programme.

14. Number of additional languages required on graduation from the Masters programme.

15. Percentage of faculty with a doctoral degree.

16. The percentage of the last graduating class that completed company internships as part of the Masters programme.

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