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School name
Programme name
Work Experience[1]
Year started[2]
Intakes per year
Enrolment months[3]
Study mode [5]
Length full-time[6]
Length part-time[7]
CFA partner prog.[8]
Employment (%)[9]
Int. stud. f-time(%)[10]
Enrolments (full-time)
Int. stud. p-time(%)[11]
Enrolments (part-time)
Alba Graduate Business SchoolGreeceMSc in FinancePreferred20041SepEnglishBoth1123No90www.alba.edu.gr / academic / finance / Pages / default.aspx2520520
Amsterdam Business SchoolNetherlandsMaster in International FinanceNo19961SepEnglishBoth1224Yes97www.abs.uva.nl / mif / home.cfm79296715
BI Norwegian Business SchoolNorwayMaster of Science in Financial EconomicsNo19931SepEnglishF / T24-No90www.bi.no / Content / Study____56463.aspx5625--
Baruch College: ZicklinUSExecutive MS in FinanceYes19971SepEnglishF / T10-No95zicklin.baruch.cuny.edu / programs / exec / ms3343--
Baruch College: ZicklinUSExecutive MS-Financial Statement Analysis and Securities valuationYes20081SepEnglishF / T10-Yesn/azicklin.baruch.cuny.edu / programs / exec / emsa1513--
Boston College: CarrollUSMaster of Science in FinancePreferred19842Jan, SepEnglishBoth1224No82www.bc.edu / msf5441631
Bradford University School of ManagementUKMSc FinanceNo20071SepEnglishF / T12-No73www.bradford.ac.uk / management / mscfinance9732--
Bradford University School of ManagementUKMSc Finance Accounting and ManagementNo19991SepEnglishF / T12-No100www.bradford.acuk / management / mscfam8867--
Brandeis University International Business SchoolUSMaster of Arts in International Economics and FinanceNo19872Aug, JanEnglishF / T21[12]-No78www.brandeis.edu / global / academic / programs / maief68105--
Brandeis University International Business SchoolUSMaster of Science in FinanceYes19983Aug, Jan, MayEnglishBoth1224Non/awww.brandeis.edu / global / academic / programs / msfparttime100113931
CUHK Business SchoolHong KongMSc in FinancePreferred19961SepEnglish, Cantonese, PotunghuaP / T-16-19Non/awww.baf.cuhk.edu.hk / mscfin / index.htm-n/a046
Carnegie Mellon: TepperUSMaster of Science in Computational FinanceNo19941AugEnglishBoth1633No98www.cmu.edu / mscf70817914
Case Western Reserve University: WeatherheadUSMaster of Science in Management - FinanceNo20072June, AugEnglishBoth9-1524-36Non/aweatherhead.case.edu / academics / masters / finance622600
Católica Lisbon School of Business and EconomicsPortugalMaster in FinanceYes20061MayEnglishP / T-12Yesn/awww.fcee.lisboa.ucp.pt / finance-n/a025
City University: CassFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Banking and International FinanceNo19971SepEnglishF / T12-No92www.cass.city.ac.uk / mscbif9493--
City University: CassFeatured business schoolUKMSc in FinanceNo19981SepEnglishF / T12-No94www.cass.city.ac.uk / mscfin89125--
City University: CassFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Finance and InvestmentYes20081SepEnglishP / T-18Non/awww.cass.city.ac.uk / mscfi-n/a7151
City University: CassFeatured business schoolUKMSc in International Accounting and FinanceNo20031SepEnglishF / T12-No92www.cass.city.ac.uk / msciaf8957--
City University: CassFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Investment ManagementNo19951SepEnglishF / T12-No89www.cass.city.ac.uk / mscim86121--
City University: CassFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Mathematical Trading and FinanceYes / No[13]19961SepEnglishBoth1220No85www.cass.city.ac.uk / mtf79436828
Claremont Graduate UniversityUSFinancial Engineering ProgramPreferred19981AugEnglishBoth1636No72www.cgu.edu / fineng781802
Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Finance and ManagementNo20031SepEnglishF / T11-Non/awww.cranfieldmsc.biz / fm9653--
DePaul University: KellstadtUSMaster of Science in FinancePreferred19954Sep, Jan, Apr, JulyEnglishBoth2124-72Non/akellstadt.depaul.edu / Programs752404
Drexel University: LeBowUSMaster of Science in FinancePreferred19833Sep, Jan, MarEnglishBoth12-2430-60No72www.lebow.drexel.edu / Prospects / MBA / index.php891805
Durham University Business SchoolUKMA Financial ManagementNo20041Sep or OctEnglishF / T12-No80www.dur.ac.uk / dbs / degrees / ma8045--
Durham University Business SchoolUKMSc Accounting & FinanceNo20071Sep or OctEnglishF / T12-Yes80www.dur.ac.uk / dbs / degrees / msc_programmes9576--
Durham University Business SchoolUKMSc Corporate & International FinanceNo19911Sep or OctEnglishF / T12-Yes80www.dur.ac.uk / dbs / degrees / msc_programmes9010--
Durham University Business SchoolUKMSc Economics & FinanceNo19981Sep or OctEnglishF / T12-Yes80www.dur.ac.uk / dbs / degrees / msc_programmes6520--
Durham University Business SchoolUKMSc Finance & InvestmentNo19971Sep or OctEnglishF / T12-Yes80www.dur.ac.uk / dbs / degrees / msc_programmes8993--
Durham University Business SchoolUKMSc International Banking & FinanceNo19981Sep or OctEnglishF / T12-Yes80www.dur.ac.uk / dbs / degrees / msc_programmes9542--
EMLyon Business SchoolFranceMaster in Audit and Financial ReportingNo20061SepFrenchF / T12-No100www.em-lyon.com2425--
EMLyon Business SchoolFranceMaster in Corporate FinanceNo19901SepEnglish, FrenchF / T12-No93www.em-lyon.com1060--
EMLyon Business SchoolFranceMaster in Quantitative FinanceNo20081SepEnglish, FrenchF / T12-Non/awww.em-lyon.com424--
EMLyon Business SchoolFranceMSc in Management - Finance TrackNo20011SepEnglishF / T24-No87www.em-lyon.com / english / graduate / msc / index.aspx32121--
ESCP EuropeFrance / UK / Germany / Spain / ItalyMastère Spécialisé FinanceNo19871SepEnglish, French, SpanishF / T12-No95www.escpeurope.eu4464--
Eada Business School BarcelonaSpainInternational Master in FinanceYes19941SepEnglish, SpanishF / T10-No75www.eada.edu / en / international-master-in-finance.html9029--
Edhec Business SchoolFranceMSc in Capital MarketsPreferred20081SepEnglishF / T12[14]-Non/amsc-capital-markets.edhec.com5520--
Edhec Business SchoolFranceMSc in Corporate FinancePreferred20081SepEnglishF / T12[14]-Non/amsc-corporate-finance.edhec.com6442--
Edhec Business SchoolFranceMSc in FinancePreferred20011SepEnglishF / T12[14]-Yes90msc-finance.edhec.com6665--
Edhec Business SchoolFranceMSc in Management ControlPreferred20091SepEnglishF / T12[14]-Non/amsc-accounting.edhec.com-n/a--
Edhec Business SchoolFranceMSc in Risk and Asset ManagementPreferred20041SepEnglishF / T12[14]-Yes95msc-risk.edhec.com7333--
Egade Business SchoolMexicoMaster in FinanceNo19963Jan, Apr, SepSpanish, EnglishBoth1526No50www.egade.itesm.mx / maf9562104
Essec Business SchoolFranceAdvanced Master in Finance & Asset ManagementNo19941SepFrench, EnglishF / T14-No90www.essec.edu449--
Essec Business SchoolFranceAdvance Master in Financial TechniquesNo19851SepFrench, EnglishF / T14-Yes85www.essec.edu2050--
Florida International University: ChapmanUSMaster of Science in FinancePreferred19993[15]Jan, Aug[15]EnglishP / T-12Non/abusiness.fiu.edu-n/a4935
Fordham University Graduate School of BusinessUSMasters of Science in Quantitative FinancePreferred20071SepEnglishF / T12-No75www.bnet.fordham.edu / msqf7121--
Frankfurt School of Finance and ManagementGermanyMaster of Finance (MSc)No20011SepEnglishF / T24-No98www.frankfurt-school.de / mof31100--
Frankfurt School of Finance and ManagementGermanyMaster of Quantitative Finance (MSc)Yes20051SepEnglishP / T-24Non/awww.frankfurt-school.de / mqf-n/a1414
George Washington UniversityUSThe Master of Science in Finance ProgramPreferred19931SepEnglishBoth1224No100www.gwu.edu / ~msf91434219
Georgia Institute of Technology: SchellerUSQuantitative & Computational FinancePreferred20002Aug, JanEnglishBoth1836No65www.qcf.gatech.edu855500
Georgia State University: RobinsonUSMaster of Science in FinancePreferred19853Aug, Jan, JuneEnglishBoth2412No90www.robinson.gsu.edu / finance / ms.htm8015035
Grenoble Graduate School of BusinessFeatured business schoolFranceMSc in FinanceNo20062[16]Sep[16]EnglishF / T24-No91www.grenoble-em.com / 356-msc-in-finance-2.aspx8251--
HEC MontrealCanadaMaster of Science in Administration - Applied Financial EconomicsNo19991SepFrenchF / T16-No100www.hec.ca / en / programs_training / msc6916--
HEC MontrealCanadaMSc of Science in Administration - FinanceNo19771SepFrenchF / T16-No96www.hec.ca / en / programs_training / msc3969--
HEC MontrealCanadaMSc of Science in Administration - Financial EngineeringNo19971SepFrenchF / T16-No100www.hec.ca / en / programs_training / msc5747--
HEC ParisFranceMS FinanceNo19861SepFrench, EnglishF / T12-Non/awww.hec.edu / ms / finance3046--
IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainExecutive Master en Dirección FinancieraYes19742Feb, OctSpanishP / T-10Non/awww.exmdf.ie.edu-n/a1539
IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainMaster in Advanced FinanceYes20091JanEnglish[17]F / T12-Non/awww.ie.edu / miaf8222--
IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainMaster in FinanceYes20081SepEnglish[18]F / T10-Yesn/awww.ie.edu / mif8335--
Illinois Institute of Technology: StuartUSMaster of Science in FinanceYes19923Jan, May, AugEnglishBoth12-1624-44Non/astuart.iit.edu / graduateprograms / ms / finance9911000
Illinois Institute of Technology: StuartUSMasters of Mathematical FinanceYes20053Jan, May, AugEnglishBoth12-1624-44Non/astuart.iit.edu / graduateprograms / prof_masters89900
Imperial College Business SchoolUKMSc Actuarial FinanceYes20061OctEnglishP / T-24No100www.imperial.ac.uk / business-school / programmes-n/an/a25
Imperial College Business SchoolUKMSc FinancePreferred19981OctEnglishF / T12-Yesn/awww.imperial.ac.uk / business-school / programmes76140--
Imperial College Business SchoolUKMSc Risk Management and Financial EngineeringPreferred20051OctEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.imperial.ac.uk / business-school / programmes69105--
Indiana University: KelleyUSMS in FinanceYes20021AugEnglishP / T-18Non/akd.iu.edu-n/a727
International University of MonacoMonacoMaster's in Finance - Financial EngineeringNo20051SepEnglishF / T10-No100www.monaco.edu1008--
International University of MonacoMonacoMaster's in Finance - Hedge Funds and Private EquityNo20071SepEnglishF / T10-No100www.monaco.edu10010--
International University of MonacoMonacoMaster's in Finance - International Wealth ManagementNo20071SepEnglishF / T10-No100www.monaco.edu10010--
Lancaster University Management SchoolUKMSc Accounting and Financial ManagementNo19691OctEnglishF / T12-Yes100www.lums.lancs.ac.uk / masters / pgfin / afm9729--
Lancaster University Management SchoolUKMSc FinanceNo19691OctEnglishF / T12-Yes100www.lums.lancs.ac.uk / masters / pgfin / finance10087--
Lancaster University Management SchoolUKMSc Money, Banking and FinanceNo20051OctEnglishF / T12-No100www.lums.lancs.ac.uk / masters / pgecon / mbf9522--
Leeds University Business SchoolUKMA Accounting and FinanceNo19971SepEnglishF / T12-Non/alubswww.leeds.ac.uk / masters / index.php?id=1269341--
Leeds University Business SchoolUKMA Economics and FinanceNo19971SepEnglishF / T12-Non/alubswww.leeds.ac.uk / masters / index.php?id=1369418--
Leeds University Business SchoolUKMSc Banking and FinanceNo20051SepEnglishF / T12-Non/alubswww.leeds.ac.uk / masters / index.php?id=1339345--
Leeds University Business SchoolUKMSc Financial MathematicsNo20051SepEnglishF / T12-Non/alubswww.leeds.ac.uk / masters / index.php?id=1448020--
Leeds University Business SchoolUKMSc International FinanceNo20021SepEnglishF / T12-Non/alubswww.leeds.ac.uk / masters / index.php?id=13810041--
London Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMasters in FinanceYes1993 / 94[19]1SepEnglishBoth1022Yes80www.london.edu / programmes / mastersinfinance.html951467168
London School of Economics and Political ScienceUKMSc Finance and EconomicsNo19961SepEnglishF / T10-Non/awww.lse.ac.uk / collections / finance / prospectiveStudents9884--
London School of Economics and Political ScienceUKMSc Finance (Full-time)Yes20081SepEnglishF / T10-Non/awww.lse.ac.uk / collections / finance / prospectiveStudents8746--
London School of Economics and Political ScienceUKMSc Finance (Part-time)Yes20061SepEnglishP / T-24Non/awww.lse.ac.uk / collections / finance / prospectiveStudents-n/a7552
London School of Economics and Political ScienceUKMSc Management and Regulation of RiskNo20011OctEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.lse.ac.uk / collections / finance / prospectiveStudents8840--
Louisiana State University: OursoUSMaster of Science in FinanceNo19362Jan, AugEnglishBoth1836Yes100www.bus.lsu.edu / finance / programs / MSPrograms.asp361401
Loyola CollegeUSMaster of Science in FinancePreferred19752Sep, JanEnglishP / T-24Non/awww.loyola.edu / sellinger / msf / index.html-n/a1435
Macquarie University Applied Finance CentreAustralia / Singapore / ChinaMaster of Applied FinanceYes19881-2VariesEnglishBoth1224Yes95www.mafc.mq.edu.au47532243
Manchester Business SchoolUKMSc Accounting and FinanceNo19901SepEnglishF / T12-Yes57www.mbs.ac.uk / specialist9776--
Manchester Business SchoolUKMSc FinanceNo19961SepEnglishF / T12-Yes53www.mbs.ac.uk / specialist / Landing_pgs / finance.html10080--
Manchester Business SchoolUKMSc Finance and Business EconomicsNo20081SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.mbs.ac.uk / specialist9733--
Manchester Business SchoolUKMSc Finance and EconomicsNo19971SepEnglishF / T12-No40www.mbs.ac.uk / specialist1006--
Manchester Business SchoolUKMSc Mathematical FinanceYes20061SepEnglishF / T12-No50www.mbs.ac.uk / specialist9010--
Manchester Business SchoolUKMSc Quantitative Finance and Financial EngineeringNo20061SepEnglishF / T12-No57www.mbs.ac.uk / specialist9212--
NYU Stern and HKUSTHong KongMaster of Science in Global FinanceYes20071NovEnglishP / T-12Non/aglobalfinance.bm.ust.hk / index.asp-n/a8431
Nanyang Business SchoolSingaporeMSc (Finance) ProgrammePreferred20072Mar, SepMandarinF / T12-No67www.mscf.ntu.edu.sg10047--
Nanyang Business SchoolSingaporeMSc Financial EngineeringPreferred19991JulyEnglishBoth1224No94www.mfe.ntu.edu.sg6629388
Nottingham University Business SchoolUKMA Finance and InvestmentNo19981SepEnglishF / T12-No80www.nottingham.ac.uk / business / ma / N325.html97158--
Nova School of Business and EconomicsPortugalMasters in Finance (MSc)No20062Sep, FebEnglishF / T9[20]-No93www.fe.unl.pt1637--
Peking University: GuanghuaChinaMaster Program in FinanceNo19981SepChineseF / T24-No100www.gsm.pku.edu.cn / article / 155 / 552.html067--
Pepperdine University: GraziadioUSMaster of Science in Applied FinanceNo20081AugEnglishF / T12-Non/abschool.pepperdine.edu / programs / ms / finance /8824--
Purdue University: KrannertUSMaster of Science degree in FinanceNo20081JulyEnglishF / T10-Non/awww.krannert.purdue.edu / msf6025--
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityNetherlandsMasters in Financial ManagementYes20011SepEnglishF / T12-No85www.rsm.nl / mfm10017--
Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityNetherlandsMScBA Finance & InvestmentsNo20031SepEnglishF / T12-Yesn/awww.rsm.nl / mscba / fi15257--
Rutgers Business SchoolUSMaster of Quantitative FinancePreferred20011SepEnglishBoth18-2436-48No80business.rutgers.edu / MQF581904
SDA BocconiItalyMaster in Corporate FinanceYes20001SepEnglishF / T12-No100www.sdabocconi.it / en / mba_and_master / mcf6025--
Saint Joseph's UniversityUSMaster of Science in Financial ServicesNo20013Sep, Jan, MayEnglishBoth1520-30[21]No100www.sju.edu / academics / hsb / grad / msfs508028
Solvay Brussels School of Economics and ManagementBelgiumExecutive Master in FinanceYes20041NovEnglishP / T-8Non/awww.solvay.edu / EN / Programmes / masterfinance-n/a3531
Temple University: FoxUSMS in FinancePreferred19422Sep, JanEnglishBoth1824Non/asbm.temple.edu / ms / ms-finance.html912203
Temple University: FoxUSMS in Financial EngineeringPreferred20071SepEnglishBoth1124Non/asbm.temple.edu / msfe5812437
Tias Business SchoolNetherlandsExecutive Master in FinanceYes19861SepEnglishP / T-14Non/awww.tiasnimbas.edu-n/a1145
Tilburg UniversityNetherlandsMSc in Financial ManagementNo20051SepEnglishF / T12-No75www.tilburguniversity.nl / prospectivestudents / mastersn/a120--
Tilburg UniversityNetherlandsMSc. in Investment AnalysisNo20051SepEnglishF / T12-Yes75www.tilburguniversity.nl / prospectivestudents / masters3880--
Tulane University: FreemanUSMaster of FinanceNo20031JulyEnglishF / T10-No92mfin.tulane.edu1973--
UCLA: AndersonUSMaster of Financial EngineeringPreferred20091JanEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.anderson.ucla.edu / mfe6439--
University College Dublin: SmurfitIrelandMaster of Business Studies Degree - FinanceNo19701SepEnglishBoth1224Yesn/awww.smurfitschool.ie335403
University College Dublin: SmurfitIrelandMaster of Science in Quantitative FinanceYes19981SepEnglishBoth1224No70www.smurfitschool.ie5012502
University College Dublin: SmurfitIrelandExecutive Masters in Risk Management (MSc)Yes20051 every 2nd yearSepEnglishP / T-24No100www.bankers.ie / exmrm-n/a2524
University of Arizona: EllerUSMaster of Science in Management with a Concentration in FinanceNo20011AugEnglishBoth1224No93finance.eller.arizona.edu / masters713100
University of Bath School of ManagementUKMSc in Accounting and FinanceNo20051SepEnglishF / T12-No97www.bath.ac.uk / management9484--
University of California at Berkeley: HaasUSMaster's in Financial EngineeringPreferred20011MarEnglishF / T12-No97mfe.haas.berkeley.edu5564--
University of Cambridge: JudgeFeatured business schoolUKMaster of FinanceYes20081SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.jbs.cam.ac.uk / mfin9623--
University of Cambridge: JudgeFeatured business schoolUKMPhil in FinanceNo19881OctEnglishF / T10-Non/awww.jbs.cam.ac.uk / programmes / mphil_finance8730--
University of Edinburgh Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Accounting and FinancePreferred20081SepEnglishF / T12-Yesn/awww.business-school.ed.ac.uk10023--
University of Edinburgh Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Finance and InvestmentPreferred20041SepEnglishF / T12-Yesn/awww.business-school.ed.ac.uk9448--
University of Exeter Business SchoolUKMSc Accounting and FinanceNo20061SepEnglishF / T12-Non/abusiness-school.exeter.ac.uk / postgraduate / msc_accfi9654--
University of Exeter Business SchoolUKMSc Finance and InvestmentNo19731SepEnglishF / T9-Non/abusiness-school.exeter.ac.uk / postgraduate / msc_fi93154--
University of Exeter Business SchoolUKMSc Finance and ManagementNo19991SepEnglishF / T9-Non/abusiness-school.exeter.ac.uk / postgraduate / msc_fm9887--
University of Exeter Business SchoolUKMSc Financial Analysis and Fund ManagementNo20041SepEnglishF / T12-Yesn/abusiness-school.exeter.ac.uk / postgraduate / msc_ffm9556--
University of Exeter Business SchoolUKMSc Financial EconomicsNo19971SepEnglishF / T12-Non/abusiness-school.exeter.ac.uk / postgraduate / msc_fe1008--
University of Exeter Business SchoolUKMSc Money and BankingNo20061SepEnglishF / T12-Non/abusiness-school.exeter.ac.uk / postgraduate / msc_mb10018--
University of Florida: HoughUSMaster of Science in FinanceNo20011JulyEnglishBoth1024Yes79www.cba.ufl.edu / fire / programs / msf1323010
University of Hong KongHong KongMaster of FinanceYes20011SepEnglishBoth12-2424-48No80www.sef.hku.hk / postgradprog / master_finance / index.php10391478
University of Houston: BauerUSMasters of Science in FinancePreferred19982Jan, AugEnglishBoth2424Non/awww.bauer.uh.edu / graduate / ms-finance-n/a4129
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignUSMaster of Science in FinancePreferred19581JuneEnglishF / T12-Yes71www.business.uiuc.edu / msf / default.aspx77101--
University of Melbourne Graduate School of Business and EconomicsAustraliaMaster of Applied FinanceYes19942Mar, JulyEnglishBoth1224Non/awww.melbournegsm.unimelb.edu.au / future / finance / maf.html3231n/an/a
University of Melbourne Graduate School of Business and EconomicsAustraliaMaster of FinanceNo20022Mar, JulyEnglishBoth2448Non/awww.melbournegsm.unimelb.edu.au / future / finance / mfm.html1039n/an/a
University of Melbourne Graduate School of Business and EconomicsAustraliaMaster of Management (Finance)No20092Mar, JulyEnglishBoth2448Non/awww.melbournegsm.unimelb.edu.au / future / finance / mmf.html-n/an/an/a
University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolUKMSc in Financial EconomicsNo20051OctEnglishF / T9-Yes90www.sbs.ox.ac.uk / MFE9761--
University of Rochester: SimonUSMaster of Science in Business Administration with a concentration in FinanceNo20082July, SepEnglishBoth1118No92www.simon.rochester.edu / programs / ms / index.aspx904001
University of Southampton School of ManagementUKMSc Accounting and FinanceNo19921SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.management.soton.ac.uk / StudyOpportunities / pg-ft9776--
University of Southampton School of ManagementUKMSc International Financial MarketsNo19961SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.management.soton.ac.uk / StudyOpportunities / pg-ft9041--
University of Southampton School of ManagementUKMSc Management Sciences and FinanceNo20041SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.management.soton.ac.uk / StudyOpportunities / pg-ft9226--
University of Southampton School of ManagementUKMSc Risk ManagementNo19961SepEnglishBoth1227Non/awww.management.soton.ac.uk / StudyOpportunities / pg-ft923601
University of Southampton School of ManagementUKMSc International Banking and Financial StudiesNo19921DecEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.management.soton.ac.uk / StudyOpportunities / pg-ft9768--
University of St AndrewsUKMSc in Analytical FinanceNo20071SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.st-andrews.ac.uk / economics / postgrad / af.html9418--
University of St AndrewsUKMSc in FinanceNo20041SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.st-andrews.ac.uk / economics / postgrad / finance.html9760--
University of St AndrewsUKMSc in International FinanceNo20081SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.st-andrews.ac.uk / economics / postgrad / if.html9111--
University of St AndrewsUKMSc in Money Banking & FinanceNo20081SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.st-andrews.ac.uk / economics / postgrad / mbf.html1008--
University of St GallenSwitzerlandMaster of Arts in Quantitative Economics and FinanceNo20031SepEnglishF / T18-No100www.miqef.unisg.ch4821--
University of St GallenSwitzerlandMaster of Arts in Accounting and FinanceNo20042Feb, SepGermanF / T18-No100www.maccfin.unisg.ch3392--
University of St GallenSwitzerlandMaster of Arts in Banking and FinanceNo20041SepEnglishF / T16-Yes100www.mbf.unisg.ch29113--
University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKM.Sc. FinanceNo19731SepEnglishBoth1224No80www.strath.ac.uk / accfin / postgraduatecourses / mscfinance867010070
University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKM.Sc. International Accounting and FinanceNo20031SepEnglishF / T12-No75www.strath.ac.uk / accfin / postgraduatecourses9625--
University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKM.Sc. International Banking and FinanceNo20081SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.strath.ac.uk / accfin / postgraduatecourses9040--
University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUKM.Sc. Investment and FinanceNo20091SepEnglishF / T12-Non/awww.strath.ac.uk / accfin / postgraduatecourses-n/a--
University of Toronto: RotmanCanadaMaster of FinanceYes20071SepEnglishP / T-20Non/awww.rotman.utoronto.ca / mfin-n/a2433
University of Utah: EcclesUSMaster of Science in FinanceNo20041AugEnglishBoth921No87www.business.utah.edu / display.php?pageId=253717182722
Università BocconiItalyMAFINRISK Master in Quantitative Finance and Risk ManagementNo20001SepEnglishF / T9-No95www.unibocconi.it / mafinrisk4738--
Università BocconiItalyM.Sc. in FinanceNo20041SepEnglishF / T24-Yes85www.unibocconi.eu / finance-msc4585--
Vanderbilt University: OwenUSMasters in FinanceNo20051AugEnglishF / T9-No64owen.vanderbilt.edu1128--
Villanova School of BusinessUSMaster of Science in FinanceNo20051MayEnglishF / T12-No63www.villanova.edu / business / graduaten/a22--
Vlerick Business SchoolBelgiumMaster in Financial ManagementNo19751SepEnglishF / T10-Yes97www.vlerick.com / en / programmes / masters.html1637--
Warwick Business SchoolUKMSc in FinanceNo20051SepEnglishF / T12-Yes83www.wbs.ac.uk / go / fin94105--
Warwick Business SchoolUKMSc in Finance & EconomicsNo19911SepEnglishF / T12-Yes86www.wbs.ac.uk / go / fe9463--
Warwick Business SchoolUKMSc in Financial MathematicsNo19981SepEnglishF / T12-No86www.wbs.ac.uk / go / fm8947--
Washington University: OlinUSMaster of Science in FinancePreferred20051AugEnglishBoth10 or 1724-36No87www.olin.wustl.edu / academicprograms / MSF493702
Wisconsin School of BusinessUSQuantitative Master's in FinancePreferred19931SepEnglishF / T24-No100www.wisc.bus.wisc.edu / ms1002--
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1. Whether students should have professional experience to enrol on the programme. (y=yes, n=no, w=work experience preferred)

2. The year the programme enrolled its first class.

3. The month(s) when classes begin.

4. Language the programme is taught in.

5. Whether programme is full-time (F/T), part time (P/T) or both.

6. The duration of the full-time programme in months.

7. The duration of the part-time programme in months.

8. Whether the programme is a Chartered Financial Analyst partner programme.

9. Percentage of graduates from the full-time programme employed three months after completing the degree.

10. The percentage of full-time students whose citizenship is different to the country in which the business school is situated.

11. The percentage of part-time students whose citizenship is different to the country in which the business school is situated.

12. Four 13-week semesters to complete the programme.

13. Work experience is required for the part-time route but not for the full-time route.

14. Nine months on-site coursework with three months work experience required.

15. Three intakes per year - two in August and one in January.

16. One intake on thte Grenoble campus and another on the London campus in September.

17. Spanish language classes are optional.

18. Language classes are optional.

19. Part-time started in 1993 and full-time started in 2004.

20. Three academic semesters (18 months) to complete the programme.

21. Programme is self-paced. Students determine course load and programme length.

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1.Verify selected business schools

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To change which business schools will be displayed, click "Cancel" and select or deselect rows before trying again. You can also choose to highlight a specific business school within the results:

2.Select sort column and sort order

3.Select which columns to display

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