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Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program
Burgplatz 2
56179 Vallendar, Germany

p: +49 (0)261 6509-183/184

Executive MBA Ranking 2016

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Rankings at a glance
3 year average323
Programme nameKellogg-WHU EMBA
Career progress
Salary today (US$)4,444186,522
Salary increase (%)358
Career progress rank38
Work experience rank329
Aims achieved (%)181
School diversity
Female faculty (%)322
Female students (%)820
Women on board (%)020
International faculty (%)078
International students (%)76
International board (%)484
International course experience rank535
Idea generation
Faculty with doctorates (%)098
PhD graduates65 (20)
FT research rank322
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Established in 1997, the joint Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program was the first Global EMBA program to provide a synthesis of American and European management knowledge. Designed to cultivate team leadership skills and personal development of international managers, the Program part of the Kellogg EMBA global partnership  and is consistently ranked one of the world's top EMBA programs.

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Kellogg / WHU-Otto Beisheim School: Kellogg Campus
Kellogg School of Management,
2001 Sheridan Rd,
IL 60208

Kellogg / WHU-Otto Beisheim School: WHU Campus
WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management
Burgplatz 2
56179 Vallendar


Kellogg / WHU-Otto Beisheim School: Kellogg Campus
Kellogg / WHU-Otto Beisheim School: WHU Campus

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