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Fundação Dom Cabral logo
Accredited by Association of MBAsAccredited by Association of MBAs
Accredited by EFMDAccredited by EFMD
Fundação Dom Cabral
Fundação Dom Cabral
Av Princesa Diana
760 Alphaville Lagoa dos Ingleses
34000-000 Nova Lima MG / Brasil

Executive Education - open - 2010

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Rankings at a glance
Rank in 20109
Rank in 2009[1]13
Rank in 2008[1]15
Average rank (3 years)[1]12
Facilities rank3
Open Revenue ($Millions)[2]4.7*
Programme evaluation
Preparation rank9
Course design rank4
Teaching materials rank6
Faculty rank14
Quality of participants rank30
New skills & learning rank6
Follow-up rank10
Aims achieved rank11
Food & accommodation rank4
School diversity
Women participants (%)30
International participants rank46
Repeat business & growth rank51
International location rank22
Partner schools rank2
Faculty diversity rank22

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Fundação Dom Cabral
Campus Aloysio Faria
Centro Alfa - Av. Princesa Diana, 760
Alphaville, Lagoa dos Ingleses

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1. These data are for information only and do not form part of the final ranking.

2. These data are given for information only and do not form part of the final ranking.