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Executive Education - Open - 2012

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Rank in 2012
Rank in 2011
Rank '10
3 yr. rank
Course design[2]
Aims achieved[8]
% Women[11]
Intl. part.[12]
Intl. location[14]
Partner schools[15]
Fac. diversity[16]
Revenue ($m)[17]
22431Harvard Business SchoolUS68262711267210211241231143.8***
32533Thunderbird School of Global ManagementUS211146216291159032501446-
41221Iese Business SchoolSpain222119193184121434512113211-
55141University of Virginia: DardenUS3242125163222553685453595.6**
61620145University of Chicago: BoothUS / UK / Singapore13331121373132202915482046-
781084Essec Business SchoolFrance / Singapore7107181442824544430467392015.3
86671London Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK8131714617695923233763347-
9713102HEC ParisFeatured business schoolFrance14141411151181125223541016142510-
101817153InseadFrance / Singapore / UAE21161213520261435192211623144-
111212121Stanford Graduate School of BusinessUS161522123162351172651125271832-
122023185Esade Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain25262528271012317841493651412.9*
13152116ESMT - European School of Management and TechnologyFeatured business schoolGermany9255171827713154232344432537.6*
1497102Center for Creative LeadershipUS / Belgium / Singapore / Russia124881712121019203912519124352-
151015135University of Oxford: SaïdUK18181616915171518102405551015199.8*
16-21-University of Michigan: RossUS175971314292593333243542235-
17109121Fundação Dom CabralBrazil15111523399192013634437141574111.4*
181710153Western University: IveyCanada / China20121810233128191121375235165321-
192428245University of Toronto: RotmanCanada4710924127421654545030304439-
202119202University of Pennsylvania: WhartonUS1324202272518218152932842373044-
21128144MIT: SloanUS10271348134517233418117475734519.8
221413162Northwestern University: KelloggUS1917262916343126714345153657434-
232218214Columbia Business SchoolUS342027211032222445353101441292713-
241915196IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain3737443525221032361838118171810813.0*
242728263Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolUK32192820212431827232803823624749-
262324242UCLA: AndersonUS23911152019201628164214465555330-
272626262Queen's University: SmithCanada273130303743152816244054920224018-
2829--Kaist College of BusinessKorea1129243233185314012556445114463-
303640351University of St GallenSwitzerland26392133383536222231252415420152418.1
313338343Melbourne Business School, Mt ElizaAustralia3332312428412430424518183940562440-
323230312SDA BocconiItaly463641384238144032253914262503026-
32445544Universidad de los AndesColombia28343544412148364730411206119956-
364344412York University: SchulichCanada30333231293651383063416405328179-
373731350ESCP EuropeFrance / UK / Germany / Spain / Italy444345473030253950294341263202328-
383131332IAE Business SchoolArgentina394552454450404526272721912138389.4*
394233381Henley Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK433036362629493338493423560255347-
413736381Vlerick Business SchoolBelgium4140384246453741434229153434722810.8*
424647451Aalto UniversityFinland / Singapore3135404650265034463755563323653604.4*
424846452Stockholm School of EconomicsSweden / Russia / Latvia4544423962403229395648158244426116.2
445156504AGSM at UNSW Business SchoolFeatured business schoolAustralia473834263249544644583725527614711-
453433375Wisconsin School of BusinessUS352833275144423512604056134635365-
463536390Incae Business SchoolCosta Rica / Nicaragua5157484822425649483235473153422-
474950490University of Pretoria, GibsSouth Africa294739434946415020363915448455336-
48-44-Boston University: QuestromUS42462941344861375162492751405337-
494040431Edhec Business SchoolFrance5051475043373047582618166434762-
505349510Nyenrode Business UniversiteitNetherlands4848495258393548495325051245347589.1**
515452520Católica Lisbon School of Business and EconomicsPortugal4050575453574457373943148383918505.6*
525048504EMLyon Business SchoolFrance56535149525652516438341222691215-
5364--Nova School of Business and EconomicsPortugal5852555161554658346138114549853232.1*
545454540Lagos Business SchoolNigeria5455585360583852525428156185227453.9*
55565355Wits Business SchoolSouth Africa555650555453655455574206021383054-
56525956Tias Business SchoolNetherlands525453576460595354523425739353343-
58575055Grenoble Ecole de ManagementFeatured business schoolFrance65656064486157625941423811721335.8*
5961--Solvay Brussels School of Economics and ManagementBelgium5749565840626055614829131585047534.1*
6062--Universidad Externado de ColombiaColombia5364646247515560604351047574647272.7
61---University of British Columbia: SauderCanada61606263456443615347463322575348-
62595860Centrum CatólicaPeru596261596352646362594845952426163.7
626057603USB Executive DevelopmentSouth Africa625954605659625656643514633333464-
64---National University of Singapore Business SchoolSingapore6061636136656365575029169573417-
65656063Eada Business School BarcelonaFeatured business schoolSpain6463656565635864655543213563140256.4
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Table notesAlthough the headline ranking figures show changes in the data year to year, the pattern of clustering among the schools is equally significant. Some 280 points separate the top school from the school ranked number 65. The top 15 schools, from IMD to University of Oxford: Saïd, form the elite group of providers of open enrolment programmes. The second group runs from University of Michigan: Ross to EMLyon Business School, ranked 52. Some 140 points separate these two schools. The third group is headed by Nova School of Business and Economics.

1. The provision of advanced information on content, and the participant selection process.

2. The flexibility of the course and appropriateness of class size, structure and design.

3. The extent to which teaching methods and materials were contemporary and appropriate, and included a suitable mix of academic rigour and practical relevance.

4. The quality of teaching and the extent to which teaching staff worked together to present a coherent programme.

5. The extent to which other participants were of the appropriate managerial and academic standard, the international diversity of participants, and the quality of interaction among peers.

6. The relevance of skills gained to the workplace, the ease with which they were implemented, and the extent to which the course encouraged new ways of thinking.

7. The level of follow-up offered after participants returned to their workplaces, and networking opportunities with fellow participants.

8. The extent to which personal and professional expectations were met, and the likelihood that participants would recommend the programme.

9. Rating of the quality of food and accommodation.

10. Rating of the learning environment’s quality and convenience, and of supporting resources and facilities.

11. The percentage of female participants.

12. Amalgamation of the percentage of participants from outside the business school’s base country and region.

13. Amalgamation of growth in revenues and percentage of repeat business.

14. The extent to which programmes are run outside the school’s base country and region.

15. The quantity and quality of programmes taught in conjunction with other business schools.

16. The diversity of faculty according to nationality and gender.

17. Income from open programmes in 2011 in $m, provided optionally by schools. Figures are based on average dollar currency exchange rates for 2011.

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