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Executive Education - Customised - 2011

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Rank '11
Rank' 10[1]
Rank '09[1]
3 yr. rank[2]
Programme design[4]
Aims achieved[9]
Value for money[11]
Future use[12]
Int. clients[13]
Intl. part.[14]
Intl. progs[15]
Fac. diversity[17]
Total Responses[18]
Revenue ($m)[19]
1111Duke Corporate EducationU.S.A. / South Africa / U.K. / India111351431175810241430 (3)39.3
2222HEC ParisFeatured business schoolFrance222111114142011269555 (3)-
38169Fundação Dom CabralBrazil335832722349415073733 (3)48.1
4333Harvard Business SchoolU.S.A.563222723410131247122844 (3)121.1***
5385Esade Business SchoolSpain94741512912967613133131 (3)19.1*
5545IMD Business SchoolSwitzerland6136711206612111043239139 (3)-
71569Iese Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain101513181981671982953260 (3)-
8173219Boston University: QuestromU.S.A.45457168431213856202323 (3)-
9857InseadFrance / Singapore1519141618301320271938161333 (3)-
1061410Center for Creative LeadershipU.S.A. / Belgium / Singapore212611910284113750230114230 (3)-
111069University of Pennsylvania: WhartonU.S.A.111117176175191113142120144027 (3)-
1271311Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolU.K.17212120281321352416161121755 (3)-
13111011Ipade Business SchoolMexico8121014422119612194859485530 (3)-
14131514Essec Business SchoolFrance / Singapore23232022125122518202822651524 (3)9.5*
15121113Babson Executive EducationU.S.A.16108682510161015354322484128 (3)-
16291721University of North Carolina: Kenan-FlaglerU.S.A.789101623155518643125483624 (3)-
17252823Columbia Business SchoolU.S.A.127181392114411632114235481921 (3)-
17213223University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolU.K.191419191391729202912268273539 (3)13.5**
19182822IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain1417242417318301417473621231072 (3)9*
20161116Hult Ashridge Executive EducationU.K.26161623251519263127385722740 (3)35**
21242423Thunderbird School of Global ManagementU.S.A.18242212296525288331473730831 (3)-
22221921University of Chicago: BoothU.S.A. / U.K. / Singapore32312828221924171722151340305126 (3)5.7*
23344434ESMT BerlinFeatured business schoolGermany28182627441128213328432328481638 (3)7.7*
2418--IAE Business SchoolArgentina202812252655268214562548173830 (2)3.8*
24132721InsperBrazil1329253020452710232316244485823 (3)-
26-19-Wisconsin School of BusinessU.S.A.229151514622132664636043395411 (2)-
27272125Western University: IveyCanada / China33272311394729153223453559483025 (3)-
28252626Kelley Executive Partners at Indiana UniversityU.S.A.343229324343624283653202493321 (3)-
29302528London Business SchoolFeatured business schoolU.K.433843383857304048144144231128 (3)21.1
29503538University of Virginia: DardenU.S.A.3137302131292018304859739306020 (3)14**
31354738AGSM at UNSW Business SchoolAustralia2740272635343223355052533836921 (3)-
3227--ESCP Business SchoolFeatured business schoolFrance / U.K. / Germany / Spain / Italy2433423723513427474632331181335 (2)-
3218819Northwestern University: KelloggU.S.A.30223139215035362240562941482739 (3)-
32423035Stanford Graduate School of BusinessU.S.A.38203431335923314630303346391826 (3)-
35383737EMLyon Business SchoolFrance2541333637424357392637179391225 (3)-
3657--UCLA Anderson School of ManagementU.S.A.37353833243341321554233426392010 (2)-
37231826SDA Bocconi School of ManagementItaly40394445341046603625263029142452 (3)17.6*
38402233Stockholm School of EconomicsSweden / Russia / Latvia4444464448184033374439191785946 (3)7.6
39---Fundação Instituto de AdministraçãoBrazil35253741302648582541246459486213 (3)14*
40---Politecnico di Milano School of ManagementItaly2943394327733374053335249306118 (2)7.1
41535249York University: SchulichCanada3934363447484551384348635536429 (3)-
42324038Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolNetherlands48473249414044494538181522234539 (3)-
43455447Warwick Business SchoolU.K.41364140363647435124515559392919 (3)6.4**
4446--Henley Business SchoolU.K.46303535402438504960274518484322 (2)-
45433842Católica Lisbon School of Business and EconomicsPortugal4249454850394238419354659484948 (3)4.1
46473643Tias Business School, Tilburg UniversityNetherlands45425050423552473431602414364743 (3)-
46525150Queen's University: SmithCanada51524042513251342947444451302219 (3)-
48403240University of St GallenSwitzerland36484846554950225435423710483442 (3)5.8
49514147Vlerick Business SchoolBelgium50464751466137444234401615483243 (3)6.5*
50-22-University of Michigan: RossU.S.A.5254512945443142596394944395712 (2)-
51364544Melbourne Business School, Mt ElizaAustralia5453524753373955523755503362538 (3)19.3*
51474347University of Texas at Austin: McCombsU.S.A.53504955325453395039225441233919 (3)-
5349--University of Cape Town Graduate School of BusinessSouth Africa49455552544655654321293212204426 (3)-
54333139MIT: SloanU.S.A.4756565452585459635551811394816 (3)19**
55565355Aalto UniversityFinland / S. Korea / Singapore5957535749624953445154273485631 (3)3.8
56596560CeibsChina5858575659525654584217565727625 (3)-
57586460Irish Management InstituteIreland55556158564359565656572834484531 (3)3.1**
58655961Macquarie Business SchoolAustralia62515453625658525357255754486428 (3)-
5955--Grenoble Ecole de ManagementFrance57636359605357456162463919192619 (2)2.4*
60595759Eada Business School BarcelonaFeatured business schoolSpain61616062614164636049414059162143 (3)2.2
61615860BI Norwegian Business SchoolNorway60605861586361465752615836275244 (3)17.6
62544754University of Toronto: RotmanCanada65625960576060486259575152305019 (3)-
63626363USB Executive DevelopmentSouth Africa56596563643863615558346559396320 (3)-
64635962Nyenrode Business UniversiteitNetherlands63646265633162646461626158485327 (3)9.1**
65---Porto Business School, University of PortoPortugal64656464656465626565655953486510 (1)2.7*
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Table notesAlthough the headline ranking figures show changes in the data year to year, the pattern of clustering among the schools is equally significant. Some 365 points separate the top school, Duke Corporate Education, from the school ranked number 65. The top 15 business schools, from Duke CE to Babson Executive Education, form the top group of custom providers. The second group is lead by UNC:Kenan-Flager and the third by York University:Schulich. The top and bottom schools in the second group are separated by 92 points; in the third group there is a 183 point gap between top and bottom.

1. These data are provided for information only and do not form part of the 2011 ranking.

2. These data are included for information only and do not form part of the final ranking.

3. The level of interaction with the business school, the extent to which purchasers’ ideas were integrated into the programme, and the effectiveness of the business school in integrating its latest research into the programme.

4. The flexibility of the course and the willingness of business schools to complement their own faculty with specialists and practitioners.

5. Contemporary and appropriate teaching materials and a suitable mix of academic rigour and practical relevance.

6. The quality of the teaching and the extent to which teaching staff worked together to present a coherent programme.

7. The relevance of new skills to the workplace, the ease with which they were implemented and the extent to which the course encouraged new ways of thinking.

8. The level of follow-up offered after the course participants returned to their workplaces.

9. The degree to which academic and business expectations were met, and the feedback from individual participants.

10. The quality of the teaching, accommodation, IT and library facilities.

11. Purchasers’ rating, in terms of value for money, of the course design, teaching materials and food and accommodation.

12. Purchasers were asked to rate the likelihood that they would use the same business school again, and whether they would use that business school to do the same programme again.

13. This criterion amalgamates the percentage of clients with headquarters outside the business school’s base country and region (for example, North America, Europe or Latin America).

14. Customised programmes with participants from more than one country.

15. Customised programmes that have been taught in more than one country.

16. Customised programmes developed or taught in conjunction with other business schools.

17. The mix of faculty by nationality and gender.

18. The number of individual surveys completed by clients of the business school. Figures in brackets indicate the total number of years of survey data included in the ranking.
These data are provided for information only.

19. Income from customised programmes in 2010 in $m. Figures are based on average dollar currency exchange rates for 2010.
These data are provided for information only.

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