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European Business School Rankings 2014

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Rank 2014
Rank 2013
Rank 2012
3 year rank
Business School
Full time MBA 2014[1]
MBA Salary today ($)
MBA Salary increase (%)
Executive MBA 2014[2]
EMBA Salary today ($)#[3]
EMBA Salary increase (%)#[3]
Masters in Management 2014[4]
Masters sal ($)[5]
Open programmes - Executive Education 2014
Custom programmes - Executive Education 2014
Female Faculty (%)[6]
International Faculty (%)[6]
Faculty with doctorate (%)[6]
1303021London Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK1156,55310713 (3)***[7]172,028 (252,539)47 (71)970,414762486100
2102021HEC ParisFrance7120,0161041**[8]307,00360278,8252,695212265100
3101021IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain5146,9331126198,40250874,2634,813159355697
4305041Esade Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpain8120,71812011**[9]217,87054565,64759354313592
5504051InseadFeatured business schoolFrance2148,183874 (2)***[10]186,211 (304,843)58 (65)--312159096
6707072University of St GallenSwitzerland24102,1586523147,24047179,57250911181177100
7606061Iese Business SchoolSpain3143,1681255218,43451--421858100
88011090SDA BocconiItaly11112,90111230133,796521163,9865,447127372789
10120120110University of Oxford: SaïdFeatured business schoolUK9133,3159110205,94255--813175998
1110090101Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolNetherlands1298,7719427 (17)***[11]118,828 (167,987)44 (54)767,696756-312343100
12110100110ESCP EuropeFeatured business schoolFrance / UK / Germany / Spain / Italy---8155,08770665,4046041922366795
13160180160Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK16103,6046817139,343591654,0316,526-233090100
14130150142EMLyon Business SchoolFrance2793,3566238102,598291754,7713882317335095
15140190162Essec Business SchoolFrance---21**[12]131,03745377,4514,027614305198
16150140150Vlerick Business SchoolBelgium2990,8316636115,946563357,7689141616292490
17170250205Edhec Business SchoolFrance35*[13]78,9764846*[13]96,344231456,651712111323886
18230360262Mannheim Business SchoolFeatured business schoolGermany1997,9627321**[12]131,037451578,0882,118-8361985
19180160182City University: CassUK13110,2607619148,970602153,7342,399-37*[13]308096
19310130210Warwick Business SchoolUK10119,121879148,680942858,963--3577100
21280230247ESMT BerlinFeatured business schoolGermany2589,1726015150,49855--9202782100
22190160192Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolUK15120,9417532125,71842--105255292
23200260230Tias Business SchoolNetherlands2189,8488443105,380444647,9181,9892929254290
24250230241Eada Business School BarcelonaFeatured business schoolSpain37*[13]78,8686548*[13]86,374462654,2905712628324861
25250320273Católica Lisbon School of Business and EconomicsPortugal17**[14]123,0628250*/ **[15]87,002394439,0621,5921824334098
26210200222Stockholm School of EconomicsSweden---42122,917423058,4101,4791715233196
26270210251Grenoble Ecole de ManagementFrance---30100,506721356,0481682733434480
28360290314Nova School of Business and EconomicsPortugal17**[14]123,0628250*/**[15]87,002394342,5625,06428324429100
29320--Kedge Business SchoolFrance---14171,0521123946,7085723138*[13]234091
29290210262Aalto UniversityFinland---37130,963464251,52992421351794
29480490426University of Cambridge: JudgeUK6144,3509216192,83454----126996
32290330312University of Strathclyde Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK2095,7168129121,422704041,7905,248--363280
32230440335HHL Leipzig Graduate School of ManagementGermany36*[13]81,7695035109,963631085,2383,164--1823100
34210--WHU BeisheimFeatured business schoolGermany---11**[16]176,99857493,9483,102--1921100
35340330342University College Dublin: SmurfitIreland26105,3846341109,697464156,0428,494--3046100
36530290391Henley Business SchoolUK---24135,08260--1219414784
37390470410Alliance Manchester Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK14106,53596---4945,0671,397-25343388
38380380381Politecnico di Milano School of ManagementItaly39*[13]67,1926853*[13]99,170425741,9461,75333*[13]2725060
384406204811BI Norwegian Business SchoolNorway---45* (25)***[17]123,059 (151,576)37 (85)6050,9981,2753235253070
41370370387Kozminski UniversityPoland---20151,910843256,6213,041--342288
42410400417Antwerp Management SchoolBelgium---26147,777513145,0762,745--312885
42420400414WU (Vienna University of Economics and Business)Austria---28**[18]147,252301956,8391,659--352195
44430420432HEC LausanneSwitzerland---40109,492182354,718559--2781100
45340390391Copenhagen Business SchoolFeatured business schoolDenmark---38113,712343456,4701,045--333992
46450280405Ashridge Executive Education at HultUK--------1410374829
47650--Neoma Business SchoolFrance38*[13]64,40064---3749,16249--484375
47---EBS Business SchoolGermany------1281,734--1626100
47400330404Nyenrode Business UniversiteitNetherlands------5954,8612,2162234202561
47490460470Solvay Brussels School of Economics and ManagementBelgium------3652,76667425-173898
47550490501Lancaster University Management SchoolUK2289,00986---5640,5072,245--304688
47500740575University of Bath School of ManagementUK2392,67655---5236,900729--336399
53520550533Durham University Business SchoolUK2886,88755---5146,8172,571--366493
54560630583Leeds University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK30*[13]86,09179---5537,1853,635--404382
55580--Iéseg School of ManagementFrance------1848,639535--408198
56630--ESC RennesFrance------2049,1624,384--368481
56570530551Skema Business SchoolFrance------2548,9711,416-36443876
58500420507University of Bradford School of ManagementUK34*[13]70,98297---5340,7857,744--412982
5966055060Porto Business SchoolPortugal---52*[13]78,04731--302630982
6060063061Télécom Business SchoolFrance------2250,633309--505076
61740--St Petersburg State University Graduate School of ManagementRussia---47*[13]93,814495040,0253,043--52292
62600550594Audencia Business SchoolFrance------2455,1742,296--414081
63580530584Toulouse Business SchoolFrance------2749,381371--404192
6463068065Montpellier Business SchoolFrance------2944,295139--464294
65670610643Maastricht University School of Business and EconomicsNetherlands------3456,871107--175197
66600590625Louvain School of ManagementBelgium------3749,3291,329--3323100
67-66-Koç University Graduate School of BusinessTurkey---34131,40651----454294
6768072069University of ZurichSwitzerland---33125,01124----985100
69470480554Aston Business SchoolUK31*[13]82,18475-----was 51,716--314682
69690720702Birmingham Business SchoolFeatured business schoolUK31*[13]86,52172-------304480
71540510598University of Edinburgh Business SchoolUK33*[13]91,33565-----was 42,482--345291
72710700712ICN Business SchoolFrance------4544,041572--414478
73-77-Sabanci University School of ManagementTurkey---44117,98639----4327100
74710670713University of Cologne Faculty of ManagementGermany------4765,463887--19685
75690630695IAE Aix-Marseille Graduate School of ManagementFrance------4847,562825--401988
76---La Rochelle Business SchoolFrance------5839,770--413171
77-76-Warsaw School of EconomicsPoland------6138,260--44195
77750780773University of Economics, PragueCzech Republic------6236,1771,011--50971
79-79-Corvinus University of BudapestHungary------6339,640--43980
80---University of Liverpool Management SchoolUK40*[13]57,80733-------323784
80---Hanken School of EconomicsFinland------64*[13]42,094--382093
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Table notes†The Cems programme was ranked number five in the Masters in Management 2014 rankings, but it has not been included in the European Business Schools 2014 ranking as it is a programme and not a school. ‡ Data are provided for information only. Most recently published data are given. # Figure in brackets refers to data from second programme for schools with more than one programme ranked. *School was not included in the published 2014 ranking for this survey. **School participated in this ranking on the basis of a joint programme only. Underlying score based on proportion of total score. ***School participated with more than one programme in this ranking. Underlying score based on combined scores. The line breaks denote the pattern of clustering among the schools. Around 195 points separate London Business School at the top from the school ranked number 80. The top 11 business schools from LBS and IE to Rotterdam School of Management, form the top group. The second group is headed by ESCP Europe, about 85 points above Leeds University Business School at the bottom of this group. The third group is headed by Iéseg School of Management.

1. Position among European schools within the FT Global MBA 2014 ranking.

2. Position among European schools within the FT Executive MBA 2014 ranking.
# Figure in brackets refers to data from second programme for schools with more than one programme ranked.

3. # Figure in brackets refers to data from second programme for schools with more than one programme ranked.

4. Position among European schools within the FT Masters in Management 2014 ranking.
† The Cems programme was ranked fifth in the Masters in Management 2014 rankings, but it has not been included in the European Business Schools 2014 ranking as it is a programme and not a school.

5. Average Masters in Management alumni salary three years after graduation, US$ by purchasing power parity (PPP). Includes weighted data from the current and two previous years, where available.

6. ‡ Data are provided for information only. Most recently published data are given.

7. *** Columbia/ London Business School

8. ** Trium: HEC Paris/ LSE/ New York University: Stern

9. ** Georgetown University/ Esade

10. *** Tsinghua University/ Insead

11. *** OneMBA

12. ** Essec/ Mannheim

13. * School was not included in the published 2014 ranking.

14. ** The Lisbon MBA

15. * School was not included in the published 2014 ranking, ** The Lisbon MBA

16. ** WHU/ Kellogg

17. * School was not included in the published 2014 ranking, *** BI/ Fudan

18. ** WU/ University of Minnesota: Carlson

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