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Rouen Business School logo
Rouen Business School
Rouen School of Management
BP 215 76825
Mont-Saint-Aignan Cedex
t: +33 232 82 57 50

Masters in Management 2012

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Rankings at a glance
Current rank319
Rank in 2011[1]22
Rank in 2010[1]23
Average of rank over 3 years[1]221
Programme nameMaster in Management
Alumni career progress
Salary today (US$)32250,346
Weighted salary (US$)22850,502
Value for money rank051
Careers rank826
Aims achieved (%)486
Placement success rank613
Employed at three months (%)[2]091 (87)
School diversity
Women faculty (%)148
Women students (%)253
Women board (%)025
International faculty (%)142
International students (%)231
International board (%)025
International experience & research
International mobility rank625
International course experience rank116
Faculty with doctorates (%)076
Additional notes
Course fee (local currency)€ 12,500
Course length (months)024
Number enrolled21753
Relevant degreeYes
Company internships (%)0100

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1, rue du Maréchal Juin - BP 215
76825 Mont Saint Aignan Cedex

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1. These data are for information only.

2. The figure in brackets shows the percentage of the class for which the school was able to provide employment data.

Alumni profile

Please note that these statistics are based on the data supplied by those alumni who responded to the survey. Class of 2009.

Strengths and weaknesses

Alumni ratings for different aspects of the programme (average), where 1 = poor and 10 = excellent

International Mobility

Alumni who moved countries following their programme (per cent)

Company internships

Alumni who completed a company internship and received a job offer from the host company (per cent)

Importance of aims when taking a Masters

Alumni importance ratings for different programme aims (average), 1 = not important, 10 = very important

Aims achieved by taking the Masters

Achievement of programme aims (per cent)

Current job title

Alumni job titles three years after graduation (per cent)

Current company size (employees)

Size of company of employment three years after graduation (per cent)

Current sector

Sector of employment three years after graduation (per cent)