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EMBA rankings 2007

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PhD rank[16]
1232Kellogg/HKUST Business SchoolChinaKellogg-HKUST EMBA315,39721,02384192311322229912096039903219823811
224-Trium: HEC Paris/LSE/NYU: SternFrance / U.K. / U.S.A.Global Executive MBA251,6998,59495113141122026161007155543219601925
3211University of Pennsylvania: WhartonU.S.A.MBA for Executives265,9682,6521013136081811936035126680681100011
422-EMBA-Global: Columbia/LBS ‡U.S.A. / U.K.EMBA Global238,25917,459953103241731771237021366241991175
5054IE Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainExecutive MBA169,33211,85716325363232134225345419851712881n/a72
6173London Business SchoolFeatured business schoolU.K.Executive MBA179,17111,39310017151652371641458251595241991224
7166University of Chicago: BoothU.S.A. / U.K. / SingaporeExecutive MBA202,495782871538113414023215483313361111198057
718-Washington University: OlinChinaWashington-Fudan Executive MBA295,07956,70758418233215034121319203910003319805114
92117Columbia Business SchoolU.S.A.New York Executive MBA230,18728,44399295480191202879062144351711980136
9--InseadFeatured business schoolFrance / SingaporeExecutive MBA216,830651676132416908747199449
1111216Purdue / TiasNimbas / CEU / GISMAU.S.A. / Netherlands / Hungary / GermanyInternational Masters in Management142,32720,4598714113439175141112851079614119913540
1211312Kellogg/WHU BeisheimGermanyKellogg-WHU Executive MBA147,0008,14381914511221227370825239211719733613
133108Northwestern University: KelloggU.S.A.Executive MBA220,935326303521262211738045746607119631810
14595Duke University: FuquaU.S.A.Global Executive MBA196,3216,2674683233018114161563632813131952332
1501515CUHK Business SchoolChinaEMBA217,28523,2776836010842324064006302610005829625742
16521-Iese Business SchoolFeatured business schoolSpainGlobal Executive MBA158,2461,874703112141308141344046946619924939
17--Kellogg/York University: SchulichCanadaKellogg-Schulich Executive MBA145,9446455184024211586277151973112
1831510City, University of London, The Business School (formerly Cass)Featured business schoolU.K.Executive MBA143,8643,68793458701824326024850493331119312665
18--UC Berkeley / ColumbiaU.S.A.Berkeley-Columbia Executive MBA192,361518117716261051352853199128
2011918IMD Business SchoolSwitzerlandExecutive MBA163,2185,369651925224901035410004714102982n/a52
213189New York University: SternU.S.A.Executive MBA191,36910,4225526577522012511414003330401100093
22153724ESCP Business SchoolFeatured business schoolFrance / U.K. / Germany / Spain / ItalyEuropean Executive MBA121,1826,266781121432712353440315763527817387
2391417Warwick Business SchoolU.K.Executive MBA119,6291,084994684474371262274476292307119621062
2561931Cornell University: JohnsonU.S.A.Executive MBA186,69611,319542501360222322150312225505319326222
2653121Essec Business School/Mannheim Business SchoolFrance / GermanyEssec-Mannheim Executive MBA123,6905,27669241523170214406142168054829444877
27--Rutgers Business SchoolU.S.A.Executive MBA169,8128433907520313144480581914150
2872111Imperial College Business SchoolFeatured business schoolU.K.Executive MBA126,56110,4058113986711722514517981055114119412556
28184665University of Alberta/University of Calgary: HaskayneCanadaAlberta-Haskayne Executive MBA137,56022,9707317175622252328144484171196318965231
30124227Henley Business SchoolU.K.Executive Modular MBA123,2622,3118815672935530528320434852517114778
3062429University of California at Irvine: MerageU.S.A.Executive MBA153,9252,873567473737383331015431263924819616020
32--FGV/XMU/Egade/RSM/MHBSChina / Netherlands / U.S.A. / Brazil / MexicoOneMBA Global149,7735334553520289814153171951646
3262626University of Toronto: RotmanCanadaMBA for Executives138,59210,797464403825244279435673583627119811515
3282414Western University: IveyCanada / ChinaExecutive MBA154,3281,109591362072180273132389113844119706329
35-40Georgetown University: McDonoughU.S.A.International Executive MBA152,82566542102518151930741194n/a60
35134846University of Texas at Dallas: JindalU.S.A.Executive MBA144,91810,23853342251723226422652245805218813421
37-46Thunderbird School of Global ManagementU.S.A.Executive MBA in Global Management148,4926320222123252026352433291n/a55
3863232UCLA Anderson School of ManagementU.S.A.Executive MBA176,18413,72153480287611024211220148723619642818
3914054Cranfield School of ManagementFeatured business schoolU.K.Executive MBA130,3988,8216162781250236500384244005017102771
39112840Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus UniversityFeatured business schoolNetherlandsExecutive MBA108,9122,584640483941131171235293184592521000338
3993025University of Texas at Austin: McCombsU.S.A.Executive MBA137,13888157751792027227212123139205819122117
42446-University of Minnesota: CarlsonU.S.A.Executive MBA150,06361244329474827540919221073624718652416
43--National Sun Yat-sen UniversityTaiwanExecutive MBA138,5351007682902323810822533195784
44212335AGSM at UNSW Business SchoolAustraliaExecutive MBA124,9068,86267752613625028194633532537119716644
45182720Emory University: GoizuetaU.S.A.Weekend Executive MBA157,0902,15952745535327116113117363612319427123
46-61Pepperdine University: GraziadioU.S.A.Executive MBA157,5366392433203811670065194n/a89
46113539University of Pittsburgh: KatzU.S.A. / Brazil / Czech RepublicEMBA Worldwide156,6447,508388675456224257708816322132119423734
482169-University of Edinburgh Business SchoolU.K.Part-time MBA98,99725,3789319836482283407305413424077119045879
4955432Rice University: JonesU.S.A.MBA for Executives154,8421,7405967448672262571212643700711930n/a27
50-68Aston Business SchoolU.K.Executive MBA109,54275536845283429407033711894564
50--Melbourne Business SchoolAustraliaExecutive MBA190,59021699732227237055231111007741
50--National Taiwan University College of ManagementTaiwanEMBA161,624647731852126718903371196466
50166650University of St GallenSwitzerlandExecutive MBA in General Management115,5006,8775612193047165171111163920561128210006870
54-42Drexel University: LeBowU.S.A.Executive MBA144,024441273433223285156114111006163
5535245Fundação Instituto de AdministraçãoBrazilInternational Executive MBA218,65414,8283163064613023120101016030101421000290
55173871Stockholm School of EconomicsSweden / RussiaExecutive MBA87,41011,2467515646651542532206312810501729811481
5715837Georgia State University: RobinsonU.S.A.Executive MBA136,9393,54246275296630126010321242722819201153
5845459Michigan State University: BroadU.S.A.Executive MBA143,3903,31146441528620125342960690053110053024
581371-Ohio State University: FisherU.S.A.Executive MBA147,52718,10636646352725022512219080205319233926
58154337University of Notre Dame: MendozaU.S.A.Executive MBA148,0731,8885772474442122151211028840711941n/a36
6136462Vanderbilt University: OwenU.S.A.Executive MBA126,6661,885671498515125112179123637167110077232
6206273Copenhagen Business SchoolFeatured business schoolDenmarkExecutive MBA112,2241,048552643316281193389152681514171863682
62224050Temple University: FoxU.S.A.Executive MBA121,77412,143479715781193285274363126412119012358
6465860Villanova School of BusinessU.S.A.Executive MBA151,78211,442543431954231261121413573004818917673
65303556SMU: CoxU.S.A.Executive MBA163,11011,03344186326552212231032177331581923n/a45
662343-Arizona State University: CareyU.S.A.Executive MBA141,9571,787475873659221242624718170005718913230
66874-EMLyon Business SchoolFranceExecutive MBA95,8823,692771221786428068121325767187128835986
6636363Texas A & M University: MaysU.S.A.Executive MBA137,7742,3134748855026322323111361017118524028
66264-University of Iowa: TippieU.S.A.Executive MBA127,8853,343503617128212260236281186346919124333
70165419Hult Ashridge Executive EducationU.K.Executive MBA130,9173,524662762623632236003721214003612931n/a76
70313936Bradford School of Management/TiasNimbas Business SchoolU.K. / Netherlands / GermanyExecutive part-time MBA97,4624,92872966816825141831127345868571184115475
72108272Baylor University: HankamerU.S.A.Executive MBA130,54016,51259145769633343816140326333281829n/a68
72126056Vlerick Business SchoolBelgiumExecutive MBA105,5115,5755518844932516411121815710006319536769
7427254Tulane University: FreemanU.S.A.Executive MBA142,4485,830561704383251127119223982525018746959
7476749University of Rochester: SimonU.S.A. / SwitzerlandRochester & Bern Executive MBA118,0881,112535444951142269101298483013917855061
7456966University of Utah: David EcclesU.S.A.Executive MBA115,66011,52449473407833217923027447422518704637
77176032Boston University: QuestromU.S.A.Executive MBA139,7438,230426844161251260140260531123618606435
77380-Aalto UniversityFinland / S. Korea / SingaporeExecutive MBA110,90513,907471286687301147400807378803281786880
77--University of Georgia: TerryU.S.A.Executive MBA121,125452683293230018870701842049
80--University of Missouri at Kansas City: BlochU.S.A.Executive MBA114,000512265382941319823651897085
81378-Florida International University: ChapmanU.S.A.Executive MBA114,8435,3655648927572824213171120203836364118097467
82874-Durham University Business SchoolFeatured business schoolU.K.Executive MBA81,5134555528576421814317101581614327118834251
83281-Miami Herbert Business SchoolU.S.A.MBA Program for Executives and Professionals112,2563,60350462758031339303326252007118537447
84117368Queen's University: SmithCanadaExecutive MBA111,7742,8424808267692621801534232533107118235348
84579-University of Florida: WarringtonU.S.A.Professional MBA98,8008,88149272897717318425213063007119752919
86107675University of Houston: BauerU.S.A.Leadership EMBA115,4513,5035017988582412682882137928255819005657
87--University of Ottawa: TelferCanadaEMBA97,190439050792548156130515195n/a88
88404863University College Dublin: SmurfitIrelandExecutive MBA116,3402,3474715785988294271140341485527119116583
89485-Brigham Young University: MarriottU.S.A.Executive MBA100,5223,3076238687319110160208990361921n/a43
892168-Concordia University: MolsonCanadaExecutive MBA96,4706,67943459458926441132927127601946175215574
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Table notesAlthough the headline ranking figures show changes in the data year to year, the pattern of clustering among the schools is equally significant. Some 219 points separate Kellogg/Hong Kong UST Business School at the top, from the two schools ranked number 89. The first ten business schools, from Kellogg/Hong Kong UST to Insead, form the top group of schools. The second group is headed by Purdue/Tias/CEU/GISMA, which would need to increase its score by 11 per cent overall in order to move up a group. Top of the third group is the Robinson College of Business of Georgia State University which is 7 points behind Stockholm School of Economics. Only 40 points separate the top and bottom schools in this third group.

1. These data are for information only and are not used in the rankings

2. Salary today US$: The average alumni salary three years after graduation. (The 2007 ranking surveyed the EMBA class that graduated in 2004). This figure includes alumni salary data for the current year and the one or two preceding years, where available.

3. Salary percentage increase: The percentage increase in average alumni salary from before the EMBA to today as a percentage of the pre-EMBA salary. This figure includes data for the current year and the one or two preceding years, where available.

4. Career progress: This is calculated according to changes in the level of seniority and the size of the company alumni are working in now versus before their EMBA. Data for the current year and the one or two preceding years are included where available.

5. Work experience: This measures the previous experience of EMBA participants by examining seniority of positions held, number of years in each position, size of company, and any international work experience prior to starting the EMBA.

6. Aims achieved: The extent to which alumni fulfilled their goals or reasons for doing an EMBA.

7. Women faculty: Percentage of female faculty.

8. Women students: Percentage of female students.

9. Women board: Percentage of female members of the advisory board.

10. International faculty: Percentage of faculty whose citizenship differs from their country of employment.

11. International students: This combines two pieces of data: the percentage of participants who are resident in the country of the business school but whose citizenship is different to that country and the percentage of participants who are resident outside the country in which the business school is situated.

12. International board: Percentage of the board whose citizenship differs from the country in which the business school is based.

13. International course experience: Ranks the number of classroom teaching hours that are carried out outside the country in which the business school is situated.

14. Languages: Number of languages students are required to speak on graduation.

15. Faculty with doctorate: Percentage of faculty with a doctoral degree.

16. FT doctoral rank: This is calculated according to the number of doctoral graduates from each business school during the past three years. Additional points are given if these doctoral graduates took up faculty positions at one of the top 50 full-time MBA schools of 2007.

17. FT research rank: This is calculated according to the number of faculty publications in 40 international academic and practitioner journals. Points are awarded to the business school at which the author is currently employed. The total is weighted for faculty size.

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