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Rua Pascoal Lemme, 355
Ilha do Fundão
South America
Rio de Janeiro

Global MBA Rankings 2007

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Rankings at a glance
Current rank3062
Rank in 2006[1]92
Rank in 2005[1]86
3 year average rank[1]80
Audit year[3]2006
Alumni career progress
Salary today (US$)7,96494,486
Weighted salary (US$)7,96494,486
Salary percentage increase21131
Value for money rank1
Career progress rank99
Aims achieved rank[4]81
Placement success rank25
Employed at three months (%)2163 (100)
Alumni recommend rank99
Women faculty (%)035
Women students (%)536
Women on board (%)825
International faculty (%)09
International students (%)110
International board (%)00
International mobility rank100
International experience rank7
Idea generation
Faculty with doctorates (%)0100
FT doctoral rank71
FT research rank399

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Ilha do Fundão
Rio de Janeiro - RJ

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1. These data are for information only and are not used in the rankings.

2. These data are for information only and are not used in the rankings.

3. KPMG reported on the results of obtaining evidence and applying specified audit procedures relating to selected data provided for the Financial Times 2007 MBA survey ranking for selected business schools. Enquiries about the process can be made by contacting Michelle Podhy and Patrick Gaudet of KPMG by email at The specified audit procedures were carried out between November 2006 and January 2007. The audit date denotes the survey for which the specified audit procedures were conducted.

4. These data were originally presented as percentages.

5. These schools run additional courses for MBA students for which additional language skills are required. These figures are included in the calculations for the ranking but are not represented on the table to avoid confusion.