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Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2017: Legal Expertise - Dispute Resolution

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StandoutYulchon88925The firm represented the deputy prime minister of South Korea, to uphold his sanctions against a challenge from Iran’s Bank Mellat. A similar case had been lost in the UK and EU courts against the bank. The lawyers were able to show through intricate analysis of S Korean law that the deputy PM had acted legally, providing strong support for international efforts to contain Iran’s nuclear programme.
StandoutYulchon78924The firm’s meticulous arguments nullified a new taxation model from S Korea’s National Tax Service that had significantly raised the corporate tax payable by more than 100 Korean companies.
StandoutJunHe87823The firm established that the trademark rights of a dating agency were not infringed by its client, which had a dating-themed television programme with the same name.
StandoutPinsent Masons88723The firm developed a group action model that is unusual in Hong Kong litigation to solve a dispute between construction contractors and a government body. The model avoids 45,000 separate arbitrations and saves the firm’s clients an estimated HK$40m.
StandoutSidley Austin88723Defended China’s Ministry of Commerce in its appearance in a Second Circuit case in the US that supported Chinese manufacturers accused of price fixing. The lawyers’ argument clarifies the law for foreign exporters facing antitrust charges in the US and sets a cross-industry precedent that solves potential conflicts between Chinese industrial policy and US laws.
Highly CommendedShin & Kim77822Represented legal service LawnB, successfully arguing that deemed consent was given to the use of an individual’s personal details when that information was already in the public domain.
Highly CommendedAtsumi & Sakai77721Orchestrated the settlement over security fraud at Olympus, recovering the highest amount of money achieved by non-Japanese institutional investors relative to the amount of their claims.
Highly CommendedDechert67821The firm tried a number of firsts in the long-running Daimler-Leiduck litigation case, with Kareena Teh taking a lead role as Daimler executives involved in the initial proceedings left the company. The case has influenced civil court procedures in Hong Kong.
Highly CommendedShardul Amarchand Mangaldas & Co67821The firm stepped in to lead and execute strategy for Tata in the replacement of its executive chairman, Cyrus Mistry, and also helped to remove him as director and chairman of several listed Tata companies.
CommendedBaker McKenzie67720The firm persuaded the Shanghai intellectual property court to accept a trade secrets case on behalf of a big pharmaceutical company, producing evidence in an easy-to-understand way and saving the clients millions.
CommendedMinterEllison86620The firm acted for the Australian Tax Office on the Chevron transfer pricing case, which examined how the “arm’s length principle”, which underpins international transfer pricing rules in many advanced economies, should be applied to debt arrangements within the same corporate group.
CommendedOrrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe67720Used the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act and alter ego law to have China National Building Materials (CNBM), a Chinese state-owned enterprise, dismissed from a products liability case pending since 2009. The case helped to establish the boundaries of sovereign liability.
CommendedZhong Lun Law Firm67720Overturned Nestle China’s fines for ending customers’ sales contracts after a website malfunction gave them extra discounts that cost the company around RMB30m in three hours.
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