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Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2017: Business of Law - Technology

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StandoutLinklaters88824The firm’s proprietary artificial intelligence software Nakhoda is being used and developed in new ways in Singapore. A new use case for the tool is being developed for client DBS to automate tasks currently done by in-house lawyers. It will allow the business to manage certain legal requests and automatically generate legal documents.
StandoutCorrs Chambers Westgarth78823Developed Sara for client McDonald’s to analyse and report on risks associated with new property leases and acquisitions. Using GPS it can automatically assess flood risk, potential planning restrictions and identify types of neighbours and competitors nearby. The tool can be used onsite from a smartphone and provides risk ratings and reports in a consistent format to be shared with the company board.
StandoutYulchon98623Created LegalPad and SandBox technologies with Solomon Strategic Consulting to allow lawyers to create their own client apps automatically, removing the communication gap and time-lag between lawyers and software developers. The firm has developed more than 20 client apps.
Highly CommendedAllen & Overy77822The TransforMatrix add-on to the firm’s MarginMatrix system translates automatically drafted margin documentation into Japanese standard legal documents. It allows the firm to offer its MarginMatrix service, which manages regulatory changes to derivatives margin rules, to clients across Asia-Pacific.
Highly CommendedAnand and Anand87722KnowBot is an artificial intelligence tool that was developed internally to analyse text rapidly for new insights into market trends, competition and for specific client matters within the firm’s specialist field of intellectual property. Analyses now support strategic decisions on client relationship management, financial management and hiring.
Highly CommendedGilbert + Tobin77822The SmartSearches suite of tools automate searches for client due diligence work, including litigation searches across court registries, searches of the Personal Property Securities Register, and identifying domain name owners. The tools automatically generate relevant reports and documents and saved 25,000 hours and $750,000 in the first nine months.
CommendedCorrs Chambers Westgarth87621Partnered with Elevate to develop the firm’s process for verification (verifying individual statements in public documents) into the Cael Verify software. The tool manages the traditionally manual process, assigning responsibilities, tracking progress and collating evidence in a database to cut time taken by up to 40 per cent.
CommendedGilbert + Tobin87621A process mapping exercise led to the development of the firm’s patented Verification software. It automates the process for the verification of initial public offering prospectuses, replacing the lawyers’ traditional tools of pencil, ruler and eraser. The streamlined verification process allows the firm to reduce costs and the risk of human error while working within tight IPO timelines.
CommendedNorton Rose Fulbright77721The firm developed Leasing Platform to help clients manage their property portfolios. It combines tools to manage workflow, document automation, and electronic signing, and gives clients direct access to live lease information, agreements and reports.
CommendedKing & Wood Mallesons67720Built the NDA Digital Advisor tool for client AMP to automate the production of high-volume and repetitive non-disclosure agreements. Its development is part of a broader strategy to help the firm’s lawyers become more familiar with using automation tools and to help clients use new technology.
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