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Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2017: Business of Law - Strategy & Changing Behaviours

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Total innovation score
CommendedAshurst57719A new innovation system, which includes a competition, “innovation IQ test”, external collaborations and a series of training and events, has engaged three-quarters of the firm in less than a year and seen more than 30 new ideas implemented.
CommendedCMS66618Building on an established sector approach and network of local firms, the firm is connecting leading UK and Chinese Universities to help them expand and collaborate, while building the firm’s industry profile and practice in the region.
Highly CommendedNishith Desai Associates88622Replaced “partner” job title with “leader” as part of a move to a leadership model where lawyers take greater responsibility for managing themselves. The model also gives lawyers unlimited leave and no targets.
Highly CommendedCorrs Chambers Westgarth78621In collaboration with Harvard Business School Organizational Lab, the firm is running a field experiment to collect data under rigorous academic standards on law firm productivity. The data will be publicly available and will contribute to industry understanding of how legal work is allocated and resourced.
Highly CommendedLinklaters67720Working with start-up Otonomos to develop a blockchain model for company share ownership and governance. The firm used the opportunity build its network, profile and expertise in the emerging area of technology and finance, doing most of the work pro bono.
StandoutMinterEllison78823A cultural change programme which translates the firm’s innovation strategy into practical steps by getting lawyers and staff to challenge how and where they work on specific tasks. Teams test new ways of working over up to eight weeks before reporting back and refining the ideas. Innovations that have been implemented are changing daily working practices for secretaries and associates, and have measurably both increased client interactions and flexible working at the firm.
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