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Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2017: Business of Law - New Products & Services

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StandoutGilbert + Tobin78823A holistic service draws on various operational teams to assist client Boral to redesign its in-house legal processes and implement new technology. Increasingly offering more than pure legal advice, the firm’s technology and operations experts help a range of clients to work more efficiently and to innovate.
Highly CommendedNishith Desai Associates88521Set up a strategic consulting practice to help in-house lawyers play a greater role in strategic decision making for their businesses. The firm is helping in-house lawyers become more proactive in how they use the law to help their companies gain competitive advantage.
Highly CommendedPinsent Masons77721Through its Infrastructure Academy training programme, developed with Hyundai, the firm helps legal and commercial staff from the business to work on live project challenges and develop new solutions.
CommendedMorrison & Foerster66820Draws on the firm’s San Francisco-based forensic accounting team to give clients an advantage in post-closing disputes over purchase prices in mergers and acquisitions in Japan.
CommendedRajah & Tann Singapore67720A new service combines legal, security and forensics experts to help clients prepare for and respond to data breaches. The firm’s experts also act as external data protection officers for clients, a role recently required under Singaporean law.
CommendedSimpson Grierson77620New services from the firm’s Health & Safety Consultancy include workshops and SchoolSafe, a consulting and online hosting service to manage policies, procedures and incident logs for schools.
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