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Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2017: Business of Law - New Business & Delivery Models

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StandoutHerbert Smith Freehills68822Opened the first alternative legal services hub in China, and one in Australia, following the model first launched by the firm in Belfast and Dublin. The teams offer a lower-cost and technology-led service to support a range of transactions, regulatory work and disputes. The Shanghai hub allows the firm to review millions of Chinese-language documents without needing to transfer data or run disclosure processes abroad, ensuring compliance with China’s “state secrets” law. The hubs also help support an increasing global demand for Chinese-language legal services and provide round-the-clock support to the firm’s global offices.
Highly CommendedCorrs Chambers Westgarth77721CorrsEdge is an online legal resource for start-ups that allows businesses to automate, execute and store legal documents. Legal documents and tools cover a business’s lifecycle from start-up to acquisition or sale.
Highly CommendedHerbert Smith Freehills78520A new way of packaging and pricing complex legal work, detailing tasks, activities and deliverables alongside fixed fees. The more granular and transparent approach allows clients control over costs and which tasks they buy, and has helped the firm win key client mandates.
CommendedLOD - Lawyers On Demand66719Developing the business in Asia-Pacific and a new time recording app. The smartphone app is used by contract lawyers to record time and activities automatically, giving clients an overview of their work and integrating with LoD’s finance system to generate bills and invoices.
CommendedNorton Rose Fulbright66618In collaboration with cloud legal services provider LawPath, the firm offers a range of fixed-fee packages to start-ups, combining production of legal documents and a specified number of hours of legal advice from the firm.
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