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Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2017: Business of Law - Managing & Developing Talent

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Total innovation score
StandoutJunHe79824Moved more than 80 per cent of the partnership from performance-based compensation to a modified lockstep version by allowing partners to opt in voluntarily. Partners can choose to pool the remuneration they receive to be redistributed according to the new system, which compensates partners based on both seniority and performance. It has transformed the partnership’s culture, and paved the way for closer management of practices and teams.
Highly CommendedBird & Bird98623The “GC for a Day” scheme offers six students from top Australian universities the chance to experience a day in the life of an in-house lawyer. It has built the firm’s profile, deepened client relationships, and raised awareness of in-house legal career paths.
Highly CommendedKing & Wood Mallesons78823Project Contribution removes fixed billable hour targets and utilisation metrics for assessing lawyers’ performance. Some 22 per cent of the firm’s lawyers in Australia are now measured against a wide range of tailored priorities including client development, innovation activities, and research and development time.
CommendedBaker McKenzie78621Implemented bAgile, a global programme to improve access to flexible and agile work arrangements. The initiative accommodates cultural and working practice differences across Asia-Pacific while ensuring a consistent approach across the firm.
CommendedAshurst67720New technology, processes and a dedicated work allocation manager have been implemented to more efficiently and fairly distribute work across the firm’s offices within Australia, and increasingly between Australian and overseas offices.
CommendedTrilegal67720The TMT10% initiative allows lawyers to spend 10 per cent of their time understanding new and evolving areas of technology. Research developed in the programme has allowed the firm to build its expertise and contribute to national policy.
CommendedHerbert Smith Freehills66719As part of a comprehensive diversity and inclusion programme, a special focus on multicultural diversity has seen the firm promote more local lawyers in Asia-Pacific.
CommendedMayer Brown JSM67619A workshop for senior associates run with the NYU Stern School of Business trains lawyers to make better decisions about risk, and to better understand risk within clients’ businesses.
CommendedNishith Desai Associates77519Developed a mobile application to match available resources in the firm with under resourced projects. It helps to decentralise work allocation, allowing lawyers to request resources and bid for work directly.
CommendedDFDL66618A new career development framework ensures lawyers develop a broad range of legal, business and leadership skills as they progress at the firm.
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