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Asia-Pacific Innovative Lawyers 2017: Business of Law - Knowledge, Data & Intelligence

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StandoutKing & Wood Mallesons99624Published an open source “DnA” (Digital and Analogue) architecture for smart contracts, which blends human and machine languages, or law and code. The initiative is a prototype to demonstrate how law should be integrated with blockchain or other self-executing contract code to ensure human judgment comes into play in unexpected or unusual circumstances.
StandoutAnand and Anand98623Predictive analytics helps analyse and better understand the firm’s client relationships. Data drawn from a range of financial and communications systems are used to predict client behaviour and guide client relationship priorities.
StandoutJunHe89623Developed the Lvxie app for thousands of lawyers, clients, judges, prosecutors and academics in China to communicate and share knowledge and experience. The app also facilitates referrals between the firm’s new alliance of local Chinese law firms.
Highly CommendedMinterEllison78722ME Taskflow was developed internally to manage high-volume and repeatable work. It is now used to manage 35 per cent of the firm’s matters and guides lawyers through tasks while providing access to know-how, precedents and tools to generate legal documents and emails automatically.
Highly CommendedNorton Rose Fulbright67922Built an online, searchable risk allocation tool for the G20’s Global Infrastructure Hub. It provides guides and benchmarks which will help governments in emerging markets develop new infrastructure projects.
Highly CommendedHerbert Smith Freehills77721A more data-driven approach to budgeting gives clients greater certainty over costs in disputes. The firm combines detailed pricing of each phase of the dispute with ongoing analysis to predict costs more accurately.
CommendedDechert68620A legal analysis showed that an investment treaty claim against the Indonesian government could be made in relation to toxic haze from forest fires in 2015. It was used by non-governmental organisations and others to put pressure on the Indonesian government and raise awareness.
CommendedPaul Hastings67619A collaborative knowledge management system that uses document automation, and connects lawyers to external information resources. Developed in Hong Kong, it is being rolled out across the firm.
CommendedGilbert + Tobin56718The Smart Counsel App provides user-friendly answers to in-house counsel’s most frequently asked legal questions. It links to a legal document execution tool and includes online courses for continuing professional development.
CommendedLinklaters57618A Singaporean forum for in-house lawyers responsible for innovation is fostering new collaborations on subjects such as cloud computing.
CommendedTrilegal66618A review of new maternity benefits law in India examined the connection between employee friendly maternity benefits and employee retention, and has helped to change attitudes within the Indian IT industry.
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